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As the dog days of summer stretch on, shows throughout the city only get better. With a different venue and opener every day this week, you can finally give yourself a break from the monotony that late July can bring. Grab an early dinner, slip out of work early, but do whatever you gotta do to catch these great groups play all around D.C.

ALL TALK, Aerial View, Keeper @ Fort Davie

All Talk just might redeem the entire “indie rock” genre. Reminiscent of Vampire Weekend, All Talk’s dance-y beats and sharp vocals are catchy to say the least. This music is ideal for laying in your favorite patch of grass while reading a book under the sun. Don’t miss All Talk’s opening set at Fort Davie on Tuesday starting at 6:30 p.m.


BRNDA, David Nance, and Staffers @ Slash Run

BRNDA’s music feels like it’s made by a good friend. I feel proud of them, and vaguely attached to this band that I have not yet seen live or met in person. If you like the muffled guitar and garage-core lyrics of The Strokes, you will definitely enjoy the sounds of BRNDA. Make sure to get to Slash Run early and grab a beer before their set begins.


MY FRENCH ROOMMATE and Jagwar Ma @ Rock & Roll Hotel

Very few things give me the urge to get up and dance. Mr French Roommate’s self-titled album is one of those things. MFR delivers the synthpop, dancepunk, and darkwave I’m searching for in every facet of my life. The sounds are reminiscent of Porches, The Cure and Joy Division, while still being entirely unique and new. Head on over to Rock & Roll Hotel early and catch My French Roommate doing that thing they do so well.


FRATERNAL TWIN, Stolen Jars, Bellows @ Songbyrd

Fraternal Twin is one of the softest bands I have ever listened to. If you’re looking for something delicate and sweet to kick off your weekend, this is absolutely it. With more than enough variety to keep things interesting, you’ll definitely want to get to Songbyrd early to check them out.


THAYLOBLEU, Company Calls, and More AM Than FM @ Comet

I’m not normally one for guitar-heavy modern rock n roll bands. I can, however, get down with Thaylobleu’s unique poetic lyrics backed up by some genuinely great guitar and bass playing. This certainly isn’t your mom’s rock n roll. Swing by Comet early for some delicious ‘za and some top notch rock music to go alongside. Check out the song “Too Much” from their newest release, Oscars & Jellyfish.

CONCEPT COLLECTIVE, Kaelan Brown, and Harry J & The Blue Chips @ Black Cat

Concept Collective is a D.C.-based art and music collective that produces sounds to rock the entire DMV. Mark my words, Concept Collective are R&B superstars that have just yet to be discovered. Listen to”Chop Cheese and Faygo” below, it gives me major “Mask Off” by Future vibes and I love it.