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With the week off to an oppressively hot start and no relief in sight, you’ll want to spend as little time outside as possible. Head to these shows early to take shelter from the heat and to check out some great openers.

ACQUIESCENCE, Chrlmgne, and The Daily Mail @ Jammin’ Java

Acquiescence is truly the band next door (not actually though, they’re from New Jersey). Don’t let the simple sounds fool you, listen close and you’ll hear lyrics that might actually rip your heart out. Use your own tears to thermoregulate at the gig.


U.S. GIRLS and Beth Ditto @ U Street

U.S. Girls gives me some seriously amazing weird girl vibes. Take the vocals of Julia Shapiro of Chastity Belt, add a heaping tablespoon of sand and a pinch more brashness and you’ve got U.S. Girls. The edgy vocals are best suited to be screamed in an open field alone, but showing up early to sing along at U Street is a close second.


BIG NICK, Arthur Shea, and Golden Papo @ The Playroom

With Bandcamp tags like “molly” and “Percocet,” I have to believe that this madness was in fact a drug-induced endeavor. Drugs or not, Big Nick’s use of samples and vocal manipulation are reminiscent of a Sitcom and Elvis Depressedly musical child. Swing by The Playroom early for a taste of the wildly good sounds of Big Nick.


SAHEL and Les Nubians @ The Hamilton

Sahel is a five-piece group made up of members from all different backgrounds of the African diaspora. Their sound combines soulful harmonization and jazzy instrumentals to produce a beautiful medley of upbeat jams. Swing by The Hamilton early to check them out, and preview their song, “Revival” performed live at One World Studios below.


RAT PACK and Shya @ 453

Gisela and Mark have the most wonderfully imperfect voices that make me nostalgic for that one time my friends and I started a band in high school. Except Rat Pack is actually good and a real band. If you are looking for a band whose sound embodies the summer nights you spent reading Stephen King on your ex boyfriend’s rooftop, look no further. Don’t forget to pick up an adorable Rat Pack band shirt while you’re there. Send a message via the event page to snag the address.

WET MUT, Palette, Older Bother, and Foster Carrots @ Slash Run

Sometimes finding new artists makes me feel so sad because I had to spend so much of my life not knowing that they existed. Wet Mut is one of those artists. The lyrics are quirky, honest, and relatable. The instrumentals are thoughtful and interesting. There are so many tiny parts that work together to make this the kind of music I could listen to in the shower, in the car, on the street, in my sleep, probably anywhere. Begin the end of your weekend the right way and hop on over to Slash Run early to catch Wet Mut.