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Welcome to arguably the best week of music in D.C. all summer (possibly even all year). It only took us until the end of the summer for this to happen, but sometimes the best things take time. Whether your favorite touring band is hitting D.C. this week or you’re looking to check out some new locally sourced jams, it’s the perfect week to blow all of your spare money on some great shows with unbeatable openers.


FLABBERCASTERS, BraceFace, Old Bay Thrashers, and The Capitalist Kids @ TheDepot

In the grand scheme of good music, Baltimore is not that far to travel for it. Apparently Maryland has a wealth of pop punk and I was weary of it. Flabbercasters breaks the semi-bad feelings that I have toward true pop punk. Their upbeat guitar and drums combined with solid lyrics makes me wish I was back in high school for the first time ever. This is the kind of music listen to when you sneak your parents’ beer into your bedroom at night on the weekends. Head to TheDepot in Baltimore to catch Flabbercasters this week.


HARAM, Rashōmon, and Sheer Mag @ Black Cat

Let’s face it. DIY punk scenes are often comprised of white dudes screaming about who knows what. The music is great, but could absolutely stand to see some diversity. New York-based Haram is the first ever American punk band to sing in Arabic and is changing the punk game for the better. Haram has a wonderfully unique punk sound from the abrasive vocals down to the complex rhythms that seem to defy all laws of time and space. Bring every ounce of energy you can muster to see Haram at Black Cat, it’s sure to be a wildly good show.


QUEEN MOO, Shadow J Brown, Arhtèru, and Sedan @ Electric Maid

One of the hardest parts about moving to D.C. was being dropped into a city with bands and a scene that I knew nothing about. I have the fondest memories of high school Friday nights spent trekking my group of friends to Queen Moo shows all over Connecticut in my 1992 Buick LeSabre. Wherever you live in the city, Queen Moo’s dancey guitar, kicking drums, and catchy as hell lyrics are worth the trip. Head to Electric Maid early to catch Queen Moo, and come prepared to lose your voice and your mind to Connecticut’s finest.



GUILT PARADE, Sem Hastro, BBC, Digital Octopus, and Rixe @ Slash Run

Approachable punk is a good thing for everyone. From those who are just getting into the local punk scene to longtime lovers of Pure Disgust (RIP), Guilt Parade is a can’t miss. The short bursts of vocals and guitar match the cropped length of the tracks that seem to flow seamlessly into one another. Guilt Parade has mastered the art of silence as a tool in punk, which makes their sound dynamic and calculated. Head over to Slash Run early to catch some of the best of D.C. punk.



GOVERNESS, TK Echo, and Puff Pieces @ Comet

Governess is somewhat of a genreless entity. With strong vibes of punk, surf rock, experimental rock, and garage goth, I know that I like it. Their Bandcamp photo shows the band chilling out in beach chairs next to a backyard kiddie pool while drinking wine from the bottle and water from the hose, which is exactly where you should be and what you should be doing when you listen to their self-titled debut album. Or you could be at Comet on Saturday night listening to them play live. You should really do both.


RADIATOR HOSPITAL, Rememberables, and Lost Balloons @ Slash Run

Maybe the terms “pop punk” and “indie” make your squirm in discomfort. Maybe they make your heart sing. Whether you’re the former, the latter, or none of the above, Radiator Hospital is going to make you feel things you may never have felt before. During the course of listening to their 15-track album, Torch Song, I find myself crying, laughing, and wondering if there has ever been a more seamless album in the history of music. Head to Slash Run to catch them open for Lost Balloons this Sunday.