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Summer is winding down but still not over, which means that we are in this strange limbo. Thank god for weird-good music to go with these weird-good times. Prepare yourself for a week of punk variety unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. Cheers to another week of can’t-miss shows in D.C.

MONDAY (1)LOOMS, Venn, and Flowerbomb @ Jammin’ Java

Brooklyn-based Looms is in one word: Dreamy. I was instantly mesmerized by the seamlessness of the guitar licks and basslines. Looms is the type of band you listen to on a 5:00 a.m. bike ride around your entire childhood suburb. If you’re a fan of their New Jersey-based neighbors, Real Estate, you will definitely enjoy their sound. Head to Jammin’ Java early to catch their set, you won’t want to miss this flowy dream rock.

GROWL, Rom, and Witch Coast @ Comet Back Room

Growl has a song called “Brunch” and if that’s not the most D.C. thing I’ve ever heard, I don’t know what is. Too bad they’re only here on tour from Austin, Texas, because they’re really good and I would go see them always. Growl makes the kind of music that would be playing in the background the first time you kiss someone you really like and you remember it forever and ever for that reason. Grab your boo, grab some pizza, and head to Comet.


KLEPTOKRAT, Kai Orion, Aerial View, and fᴏяᴄᴇs @ Smith Public Trust

I’m sometimes weary of experimental post rock, and probably for good reason. I wasn’t sure what to expect from Kleptokrat, but I am into the jazzy nonsense that is happening. Singer Teagan Taylor has a wildly unique voice while Alex Carter provides some truly excellent saxophone playing. If you’re like me and also feeling nostalgic for those long gone high school jazz band days, head to Smith Public Trust early for Kleptokrat.



DEL SUR, Modern Nomad, and Teenage Halloween @ Uptown Art House

Self-proclaimed “five-piece gang of hula hoop prodigies,” Del Sur, is serving funky beach pop sounds to round out your summer. This is the ray of sunshine when you want to cry remembering that in just a few months it’s going to be snowing and dark all of the time. When December does come, pop on some Del Sur and mentally transport yourself to a warmer place. For now, you can head to Uptown Art House to see them play before it’s cold and miserable.


CHILL PARENTS, Cult Fiction, Flamers, Gravel @ 453

If aggressively listening to D.C. punk is a favorite past time of yours, add Chill Parents to the list of bands to check out. The best part about Chill Parents is their accessible punk sound with lots of cool samples added in. The punk sub-genre, let’s call it, “love punk” is one of the best overall musical genres to ever exist. If you agree, check out “A Hole Called Love” from Chill Parents’ self-titled demo that came out earlier this month and make sure to get to 453 early to see them play. Message a punk for the address.


COMPLAINER, Faunas, Coaches, and Ovlov @ Hole In The Sky

If you’re looking for Perfect Pussy but with more yelling and more aggressive instrumentals, Complainer is just that. I feel like I’m in lofi heaven and loving it. I’m also having a hard time understanding how all of these sounds are coming from just two people, it’s very impressive. If you want to pretend like you’re smashing things (but not actually doing so because you’re a respectful punk) head to HITS early to catch Complainer.

HALDOL, Kombat, Blank Spell, and Smoking Gun @ Slash Run

I love Bauhaus, and I love things that remind me of Bauhaus. I find it highly impressive that Haldol is making anything close to good goth music in 2017. If I close my eyes and listen to their self-titled, I can pretend I’m in a dark nightclub in Berlin with lots of smoke and goths surrounding me (kind of). Put on your fishnets and eyeliner and head to Slash Run to catch Haldol single-handedly revive the 80s goth scene.