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You bought the ticket, you should enjoy the entire bill. Here are this week’s opening artists that we think you should see.

After touring as an opener for Lana Del Ray, Max Jury is once again bringing his music across the U.S. and Europe. His classic and psychedelic rock influences create music that tells a story, and his technical skill has been praised by publications worldwide.

Come early to see blues-influenced songwriters and alternative roots rock band Pressing Strings. Each member of the trio grew up on the Mason-Dixon, and naturally followed the influences of the area. Though their music clearly has country influences, the blues-influenced songwriting ensures that their music follows more of a rock path.

Twinkly emo-rock locals, Soundtrack to Sleep, are a busy group. The band has recorded and released 3 EPs, a full-length album, played a 10-day Orlando tour in the past three years. Soundtrack to Sleep is now in the process of planning their next tour, as well as creating a set of split-EPs and compilations for this year.

Audiostrobelight has gotten out of this town with their friends and traveled across the country, bringing the pop-punk with them. Grab some pizza and prepare for an energetic show this Saturday. They’ll be opening for His Dream of Lions’ CD Release Show at Empire

StereoRiots’ over the top stage presence and fast-paced indie-punk music are a fantastic combination. The band has performed together since 2012, and has released multiple online demos. Their first EP will be released in February of 2015.