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There aren’t very many shows this week (probably because every musician across the world is in a Christmas cookie food coma), but the shows that are happening are stacked with talented openers. Give yourself an early holiday gift and head to see every one of these artists this week. After all, money doesn’t actually exist during the month of December, so you can’t go broke from attending too many concerts. WEDNESDAY (3)

HUNGOVER, Keep Flying, Follow Your Bliss, The Promise Hero, Rookshot @ Sidebar 

The less-sad version of Mayday Parade you’ve been searching for to relive your high school pop punk phase is here all the way from Florida. Hungover is the kind of band that you can’t even pretend isn’t catchy as hell, because it just is. It’s as simple as that. And their album art is visually pleasing as well. Since you probably don’t have to work tomorrow, the trip to Baltimore will be extra worth it for this show.


RENT PARTY, Walkney, Watermedown, and FV @ Rock & Roll Hotel

Picture The Strokes, but add even more garage rock into the mix, and you’ve got yourself some Rent Party. If you’ve been desperately trying to relive the 90s recently, grab your leather jacket and Doc Martens and pop on some Rent Party to be transported back in time. Check out their new track that dropped earlier in December:


OWEN ROSS, Teething Veils, and Odetta Hartman @ Comet

Owen Ross is bringing a much needed experimental twist to indie rock. There are samples, there are electronic keys, there are ominous percussion sounds, there’s a bit of everything. Owen Ross’ velvety voice cuts like butter through well-executed backbeats. Best of all, he’s coming all the way from Berlin.


FLASH FREQUENCY, OG Lullabies, Redline Graffiti, Dreamcast, Footsxcoles, and Echelon the Seeker @ 9:30 Club

Kevin Chambers is an experimental and hip-hop musician and producer out of D.C. who creates music under the name Flash Frequency. Chambers’ music sounds like what would probably be playing in the background of a dream about walking through a quiet, snow-covered forest. Since there is no snow in the near forecast, this might be the closest thing we have to a winter wonderland.

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