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Just like the weather in 2017, we are going all over the place genre-wise this week. From indie to R&B to a post-punk and blues combo (???), we have got it all going on this week in D.C. music. You should go to all of these shows because it’s almost the holiday and you’ll make all the money you spend on tickets back from your kind relatives.

NEW HOLLAND, Julian, and Cinema Hearts @ Black Cat

New Holland is oddly exactly what I imagined a folk band from Louisiana to sound like while simultaneously being different than anything I ever imagined a folk band from Louisiana to sound like. Their mellow sound is appreciated in otherwise heavy week of D.C. music. Put on Alligator and be instantly transported back to the front seat of your high school crush’s dad’s car where you probably had your first kiss.


PARK SNAKES, Still a Great Night, and Bad Moves @ Black Cat

Never in my life have I heard something that straddles the line of blues and post punk so perfectly. Before listening to Park Snakes, I would have thought that blues and post punk would be a bad duo, but now I am a believer. Nenet’s hauntingly beautiful vocals are everything you never knew you needed to celebrate Halloween year round. Their self-titled should be part of the soundtrack to the Twin Peaks reboot.


SUGG SAVAGE, Drikka, Mathias, and Dai Burger @ Songbyrd

From upbeat “Fill In The Blank” with techno undertones to up and down “Party Dawg,” Sugg Savage has not only the best beats, but also a terrific voice. This is peak modern-day R&B, with strong instrumentals and samples, plus powerful femme vocals. The lyrics are fun and relatable, Sugg Savage is just a great time. The next best thing to the music itself is the album covers, both of which you can check out on Soundcloud.



FAKE BODIES, Super! Silver! Haze!, and FuzzQueen @ Comet

Fake Bodies sings about unrequited love like no one else. “I Wanna Be In Your Pocket” is the anthem for anyone who has ever had a crush and not been able to tell them. I’m still trying to figure out if this song is depressing or uplifting. Either way, it’s a banger, but hear for yourself.



OWEL and Northern Faces @ Songbyrd

If epic song intros are your thing and you don’t already know about Owel, you should know about Owel. If The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die was fronted by Nick Jonas, this is probably what it would sound like. It’s significantly better than that combination indicates, though. Their newest album is an hour long and is the perfect saga for any mood you may be feeling.

DRY COUNTRY, Somniatis, King Leisure, and Snakeboy @ The Pinch

Maybe you’re winding down finals week, maybe your corporate brain has completely turned to mush in holiday anticipation, or maybe you’re just an overgrown post-rock kid. Whichever your deal, Dry Country can most likely solve it. I know what you might be thinking, the last thing D.C. needs is another indie rock band. But it’s different this time. See for yourself at Dry Country’s first show.