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Gone are the 60 degree afternoons in November and the chilly December days that seem to drag on are coming. The best way to beat the winter blues is by spending all of your time at concerts where the atmosphere (and the mass of human bodies) is warm and everything feels right. That way we can pretend it isn’t supposed to snow next week, right?


COMBAT! and Jaws of Love @ DC9

Picture Porches, but spookier and stranger. That’s the best way for us to describe COMBAT! L.A.-based artist, Mark Nieto, is fusing some cool guitar rifts with complex experimental sounds to create something entirely unique. There is a lot that I don’t understand about COMBAT!, but one thing I do know for sure is that the West Coast is doing something very, very right.


HONEST HALOWAY, Mystery Friends, and Incredible Change @ Black Cat

What began as a one-man project in 2010 has developed into a five-piece band several years later. Honest Haloway is mellow, a bit whimsical and very well-composed. Sometimes when bands have five or more members (especially multiple guitars), the sound can get muddied up. Honest Haloway has managed to keep their sound soft and refined no matter how many people join the band. Preview their new stuff Thursday at Black Cat.


WASHER, Ménage Á Garage, Slip Disco, Bethlehem Steel @ Slash Run

Just when I think I’m over sad boy music, a band like Washer hits me in the feels. With heavy bass, intermittent shout-y and almost monotone vocals, Washer is post-punk to a T. I get major Queen Moo and even some Weezer vibes from these guys. Washer is the best parts DIY music, from the wacky album art to the 2-minute songs. Check out their newest 15-track album and get ready for the show.


KID CLAWS, Bacchae, and Governess @ Black Cat

The best thing about Kids Claws are their erratic beats. While listening to their most recent release, Expansions [Unfinished], everything sounds just the slightest bit off. It’s the kind of chaos that feels and sounds right, with purposefully inconsistent time and propelling percussion.

HELLRAZOR, Maneka, and Baby Grill @ Comet

It’s no coincidence that Hellrazor’s newest album is called Satan Smile. These tunes are straight up demonic, and you may or may not require an exorcism after listening. If my body were to be taken over by the devil, I could only hope that it would happen while I was listening to Hellrazor. Their music is frantic yet composed. Go see Hellrazor on Sunday and run the risk of being inhabited by some demonic shit… But it’s all for a good cause, and that cause is supporting touring bands.