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As we head into December, morale is low. Snow is coming (it’s 60 today but snow will come), daylight is dwindling, and getting out of bed is getting tougher. But not for long. Welcome to the beach rock ride of your life. Even if you can’t be transported to a beautiful beach somewhere, let this lineup is sure to relax and bring sunshine to your life this week.

UNIFIED RIGHT, Substance, Nosebleed, and Protester @ Comet

It takes a special kind of pizazz to call your record, If I Can’t Listen to Unified Right in Heaven Then Send Me Straight to Hell. And that would be cheery and cute if Unified Right was less terrifying. But we don’t want them to be less terrifying. Boston-based Unified Right teeters the line between punk and hardcore. With speedy instrumentals and well-timed vocals, Unified Right is a pleasant attack on the senses. Their new album will be officially released on December 1, but you can find all 10 tracks on Bandcamp now.


BOTTLED UP, Yesferatu, and Dot Dash @ Black Cat

Winter is coming. Maybe you have time to get away to a sunny spot for a while, but if you don’t- don’t worry. Bottled Up is a slice of the California coast planted straight in D.C. for all to enjoy. Picture what might happen if The Growlers and Eddie Golden III came together for one night of magic. Bottle Up’s mellow surfy sounds are enough to mentally transport you to a beach no matter how low the temperature drops.


ROM, Femme Flag, and Grace Vonderkuhn @ 453

Let Rom be the voice of clarity in an otherwise hectic week after Thanksgiving. This is D.C. indie rock in the year 2017. Their eclectic rhythm structure is fun, albeit a bit confusing, but a good time nonetheless. Check out a series of their singles through the Bandcamp link below. It’s Thursday. Crack open a PBR at 453 and enjoy a low key house show with Rom.



Lavender reminds me of sounds I can’t entirely recall from every dream I’ve ever had. It’s dreamy and it’s light with deep echoing basslines and flowing vocals, the only explanation is that Lavender must use a cloud as a microphone. Don’t pay for that massage, listen to Lavender. If you’re looking to get in touch with your soft side, head to DC9 this Friday.


JARVIS, Punktual, BBC, Toward Space @ The Commune

Every candle I have blown out, every eyelash I have wished on, have all been for one thing: a shoegaze revival. Now the DMV may be solely responsible for this monumental comeback, thanks to Jarvis. Their 2017 demo feels like being at basement show. There’s a lot going on, you leave covered in sweat that isn’t yours, but it was all a good time nonetheless.

GET A TAN, Heterodyne, Caustic Casanova, Rom, and Ezra Mae and the Gypsy Moon @Rhizome

The last time that Get A Tan put something out on Bandcamp was in 2011, so I can’t tell you much about how they sound today. But if they’ve got the same beach party sound going on in 2017 that they did six years ago, something is going right. Check out their single, “AC365,” below, and hope for the best.