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This is the week of wild and inexplicable experimental music. It’s a little early in the season to be questioning our very existence, but I don’t make the rules. The best way for us to all handle this existential crisis in the DIY music scene is just to buy the tickets and head out there. There are lots of house shows to be had this week, so: BYOB, donate some money to the bands, and be a cool punk.

LONGFACE, Wanted Man, The Boundary Stones, and Ezra Mae & The Gypsy Moon @ 435

Longface’s new album, Hillbilly Wit, is the quintessential indie-grunge lover’s fall soundtrack. Glen, Anthony, Dillon, and Kain are joined by several friends on this new album, which features a pump organ and several non-drum set percussion instruments. Longface writes the kind of music you’d hear at a bonfire. It’s as if they’re pretending they don’t live in Chicago (which is a frozen tundra for several months of the year). Put on your flannel, skinny jeans, and combat boots. This one is for you.


PC WORSHIP, Guerilla Toss, and Mock Identity @ Comet

Quite frankly, I have no idea what PC Worship is. Their newest album covers an entire spectrum of music that both amazes and confounds me. Buried Wish opens up with a confusing, whimsical, and at times, cacophonous medley of woodwind instrumentals and ambient sounds. The album moves through 11 more tracks of wildly eclectic stuff. Think somewhere between a basement band and unconventional compositional genius, and you’ve got PC Worship.




GOOLS, Dizzy Bats, Cale Cuellar, and H A U N T E [email protected] 24hr Neon

A self-proclaimed “scary sweaty band from New Orleans,” the Gools Demo is nothing short of a spookfest. On the surface, we have surfy-garage rock (picture wearing your surf trunks underneath ratty Levis). Among the shrieks and menacing guitar rifts, we have deep dark, scary punk. It’s like a mashup of everything good about the DIY scene. The last song on the Demo, “Scooby Doo,” is like living out the creepy memories of your childhood. If you’re here for it, head to 24hr Neon on Thursday and check out all of the unreleased music Gools probably has up their sleeves.


ACCIDENTS, Dizzy Bats, Railsplitter, and Curse Words @ The Commune

Some pop punk is slow and somber, and some pop punk sounds like a house party that never ends. Accidents is the latter. In the wave of “bands that released albums in October of this year,” you can count their self-titled as one of the ultimate autumn bangers. The D.C. locals sound like Mayday Parade on steroids. Pop punk pride in the city is real this year. Shotgun a beer or two in a random field and then head to The Commune Friday night, it’s what the DIY gods would want you to do.


OG LULLABIES, Minor Poet, and The North Country @ The Paperhaus

OG Lullabies is one of the most outrageously talented artists I have ever come across. This one-woman project is a best described as experimental R&B but is so much more than that. In addition to playing several different instruments and being able to sing like an angel, OG Lullabies composes and produces her own stuff. Her music is intimate, like stepping into someone else’s dream. Check out this soulful beauty at The Paperhaus on Saturday night.


ADA BABAR, BI_ank, Black Lodge + em.g w/Ashley Shey, and Light Beams @ The Beehive

When I listen to Ada Babar, there are a lot of sounds going on, but I can’t decipher any single one of them from the rest. I guess I don’t need to because that really defeats the purpose of a composed song. If their new album (2018) Leaked is any indication of how the year 2018 is actually going to be, I’m terrified, but also willing to stick around and check it out. If you also want to look into the future and see what next year will be like, go see Ada Babar on Sunday and ask them yourself.