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Halloween is over. No more costume shows and no more Weezer cover bands, that is until next year. We are now moving into the season of punk and cold weather, which evidently go hand in hand. Put on your finest crewneck and beanie and get to all of these shows early to catch some unexpected openers this week.


IRON CAGES, Witchtrial, Red Death, Cankro @ The Pinch

The best thing about Iron Cages is that Laura on vocals is not messing around at all. I’m simultaneously a little scared of her and also want to be her. Just because October is over doesn’t mean that the spooky scary shit in your life has to be done too. Iron Cages is bringing some game the D.C. hardcore scene. Sometimes it feels like a lot of talent gets hidden in hardcore music songs become too congested. Iron Cages has mastered punk in a way that is not overdone. Check out Three Steps to Break Free from the Iron Cage below and at The Pinch on Wednesday.

THURSDAY (2)PRINCE DADDY & THE HYENA, Kississippi, Graduating Life, Just Friends, and Mom Jeans @ Songbyrd

I have been a huge fan of Prince Daddy since my high school partner’s band went on tour with them the winter before I graduated. And NOW, right after they released a sweet compilation with Mom Jeans and Pictures of Vernon, you have the chance to see Price Daddy and Mom Jeans together at Songbyrd. Prince Daddy & The Hyena delivers my favorite angsty boy band sounds with an appropriate adult punk twist. Tasteful angst is what I’m all about, and this is peak tasteful angst.



ULTA BEAUTY, Faunas, and GLOVE @ Slash Run

I loved Ulta Beauty before I even heard their music, and I am unafraid to say that it is absolutely because of the name. I will always have a soft spot for femme bands, specifically those with names that are makeup related. All of my personal obsessions aside though, Ulta Beauty’s demo “Soap” is a certified jam. I am on my third listen through and am trying to figure out how all of this was done with just two people. Madeline and RL are a duo that can’t be beat, serving a catchy and twangy guitar chorus and bad ass lyrics. Head to Slash Run early to hear the rest of what Ulta Beauty has come up with since the demo.



CHILL PARENTS, Vacation, and The Sniffs @ Slash Run

Listening to Chill Parents is like being at a basement show. The ceilings are too low and definitely not up to fire code for the amount of people that are in said basement. A man bumps into you and spills his room-temperature Natty Boh all over you. But none of that matters. You’re at a cool basement show and you’re having the time of your life listening to punk music. Chill Parents is brash and nostalgic and worthy of you showing up early to listen to them.

KALBELLS with And The Kids @ DC9

Kalbells is like a better, dreamier version of Lana Del Rey and I can dig it. I also imagine Kalmia Traver’s voice gracing the soundtrack of any and all Wes Anderson movies. This weirdly whimsical music is bubblegum pop at its finest. Kalmia Traver’s newest record, Ten Flowers, features whistling and a strong electronic overtone that is the first piece of her solo endeavor. It contends with the many hurdles in her life, most recently, her battle with cancer. Head to DC9 to catch Kalbells’ set on Sunday night.