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As we creep closer to Halloween, shows become more and more spooky, there are more opportunities to wear costumes while seeing your favorite bands play, and everything sounds a little bit like Weezer. The answers to the Weezer question don’t line up, but I can only imagine that this is some sort of strange Halloween omen that we should accept graciously and enjoy while it lasts.

SAM LEIDIG, Jules Hale, and Lina Tullgren @ The Paperhaus

Nothing says “East Coast” autumn like a basement house show on a Tuesday night. Sam Leidig has come all the way from North Carolina to grace us with his music, so it’s only fair to show up and catch his set. Not to mention, his twangy guitar and weird-cool beats are genuinely good and 100% done by Sam himself (which is unbelievable because it sounds like so many people and things). The entirety of Collarbone is phenomenal and each song floats into the next like a miraculous dreamscape. Head to The Paperhaus to fill your heart and soul with good things.


TEEN MORTGAGE, Jared Hart, and Racquet Club @ DC9

Teen Mortgage is the music you would play at a legendary high school house party that you definitely shouldn’t be throwing but you’re doing it anyway because a legendary house party will give you eternal cool credit. Think Weezer meets Two Humans (RIP) and you’ve got Teen Mortgage. Mark my words, angsty garage pop is making a comeback and Teen Mortgage is at the forefront. Head to DC9 early Wednesday night to catch their set.


SMITH GARDENS, Redline, and The Colonies @ Songbyrd

Every time I think that summer has ended once and for all, another 75 degree day pops up out of nowhere. Smith Gardens are what I am going to listen to on those days from now until the first snow. This is beachy dreampop at its finest: full of nostalgia and the thick, syrupy sweetness of easier times. They even have a song on their latest release called “La Croix”, in case you weren’t already feeling enough like a sad indie kid. Don’t miss Smith Gardens at Songbyrd on Thursday.


LOVER’S TOUCH, Cold Feet, and Sheer Mag @ Windup Space (Baltimore)

Friday nights are for getting out of the city and going to goth punk shows. It is October, after all, and BMore local band, Lover’s Touch, can help you get spooky. Personally, I’m always trying to find music that will make the soundtrack of my life sound more like a Bauhaus/Ministry mashup. Lover’s Touch thoroughly delivers. With songs like “Ghouls” and “Graveyard Dogs”, this is the quintessential Spooktober set to catch this Friday.


The REMEMBERABLES (Weezer) @ 11th Annual DC “Halloween” Cover Show Benefit @ The Pinch

Two incredible things about this show: The Rememberables are doing an entire Weezer cover set AND the proceeds to this show in which you should wear your best Halloween costume benefits the victims of Hurricane Harvey. While The Rememberables don’t objectively sound too much like Weezer, I can definitely see them throwing down to their own rendition of “Pork and Beans” or “Undone: The Sweater Song”. Put on your best Halloween look, and break out your favorite Weezer album, this is sure to be a magical experience.

MANEKA, Refeed, and Two Inch Astronaut @ Above the Bayou

What can best be described at post punk, but really doesn’t fit into any genre at all, Maneka is something that I can’t figure out and I like that a lot. Hopefully frontman Devin McNight’s name rings some bells as a former member of Speedy Ortiz. McNight is back with Maneka, a NYC-based band bringing complex basslines, light guitar shreds, and Michael John Thomas III anchoring things on the drums. Check Maneka out at Above the Bayou for some Speedy Ortiz vibes.