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While my internal clock tells me that I should be settling into my “sad girl” emo phase for the year, the weather outside says otherwise. Good thing the opening bands are on my side. If you also find yourself slipping into high levels of angst this week, there’s plenty of femme rock, post-punk, and other wonderfully miserable things to enjoy this week. It’s officially the sad half of the year, get ready.




SINGLE MOTHERS, Gouge Away, and Touché Amoré @ Rock n Roll Hotel

I truly can’t think of a better touring pair than Single Mothers and Touché Amoré. My first memory of Single Mothers is listening to their self-titled EP in my junior year of high school after my best friend at the time had just gotten it on vinyl. Though their newer stuff is a but softer the post-punk core remains. If you’ve ever wanted to hear exactly what singing with a Canadian accent sounds like, Drew Thomson can show you this Wednesday at Rock n Roll Hotel.



DADDY ISSUES, Lala Lala, and together PANGEA @ Metro Gallery, Baltimore

Daddy Issues is the musical equivalent to chipped black nail polish and fishnet tights, but in the effortless “cool girl” kind of way. I am in awe of them and simultaneously wish I could be a member of Daddy Issues, but for now I’ll just pretend I’m cool and listen to them while I do my homework or something much less exciting. Oh yeah, and the trio has carried this angst all the way from Nashville, so showing up is the least you could do.


DREAMCAST, StClair Castro, Soraya, and CrushnPain @ Uptown Art House

Summer may be over, but Dreamcast’s “Summer Love” certainly isn’t. This song is the smoothest thing I have heard in so long and I love it. I want to drink beers on a patio and enjoy these last few muggy nights of summer weather while listening to only this on repeat. Head to Uptown Art House to catch Dreamcast put you in a trance.



ESPEJOS, Sow, and Gauche! @ Slash Run

In honor of Halloween month which starts Sunday, Chicago-based Espejos is bringing some eerie sounds to The District a day early. What could definitely be described as creepy-punk has me feeling thoroughly empowered and on edge. The coolest think about Espejos, aside from vocalist Kerry, is the variation in their instrumentals. From hardcore and dark wave to dancy guitars, they bring it all in their newest album, Power/Control. Check ’em out at Slash Run this weekend.


FAUNAS, TK Echo, and Mock Identities @ Black Cat

D.C.-based punk band, Faunas features members from femme-fronted bands Governess and Big Hush. Genevieve and Erin are not here to mess around. The fuzzpunk duo packs an incredible amount of sound for just two human beings making music, and both of them play drums, guitar, and provide vocals. Faunas brings the hearty bass sounds from Big Hush and the punky femme lyrics of Governess to create something even more beautiful. Head to the Black Cat to catch Genevieve and Erin absolutely blow your mind this Sunday night.