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The weather is weird, and so are the opening bands this week. Good weird on both fronts. Summer is coming to an end, so go blow whatever residual summer savings you have on these great shows this week. From punky R&B to the sweetest lofi experimental jams, there is something for everyone this week.

SNAIL MAIL, Vadya, and Best Coast @ Ottobar

Snail Mail is the type of music that is completely acceptable for any mood and occasion. Wine drunk and dancing around your apartment with some friends? Snail Mail. Exhausted and feel like you can’t catch a break? Snail Mail. Think Elvis Depressedly and Teen Suicide-style lofi bubblegum pop, but not nearly as miserable. Lindsey Jordan’s voice has captured my heart. Make your way to Ottobar in BMore so she can capture yours too.


EYES OF LOVE, The Cradle, Saturday Night, and Mellow Diamond @ Hole in the Sky

Eyes of Love reminds me of eating goat cheese and drinking some strange homemade malt alcoholic beverage in a Scottish countryside. I have no idea why, but it is a feeling that brings me comfort. They have an easy jammy sound that feels effortless and not overdone in the way that experimental music coming out of NYC can be at times. Eyes of Love are way beyond their time with solid bassline plucking that holds down their entire self-titled album. Head to HITS to check them out this Wednesday.


MYSTERY FRIENDS and Varsity @ Comet

D.C. and dance rock seem to go hand in hand. And any doubt that I had about that has been resolved by Mystery Friends. Between experimental electronic punk sounds and the sweetly syrupy vocals of singer Abby, this is the kind of thing to make you feel proud to be living in D.C. Check out “Stranger Things (Than This)” from their newest album, This Is Not What I Expected, which was released last month, and swing by Comet to support some solid local music.


MANTIS TOBOGGAN, El Quatro, and Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb @ Slash Run

In high school, I would prepare for a punk show in a very methodical way. First, I would lay out my fishnet stockings and black high-waisted shorts. Then, I would pick out the band shirt that I hoped other people at the gig would find the coolest. Finally, I would slather on my dark purple Nars lipstick in the shade “Volga”. Mantis Toboggan brings back alarmingly tangible memories of these basement punk shows, and I’m actually really okay with it. If you’re looking to be transported back to your dirty garage punk basement shows, make sure to check out Mantis Toboggan at Slash Run.


PINK FILM, Urchin, CDR, and Misled Youth @ The Pinch

Life is better with some grungy noise music, and Pink Film is the quintessential band for it. The guitars are brilliant and technical and Thomas’ vocals remind me some unrefined Rozwell Kid. Pink Film is self-described as math rock, but I’m not convinced. Whatever it is, it’s good and it’s happening at The Pinch this Saturday night. Be there or be square (get it, like geometry… math rock).

GUMP, Rob Strokes Funk Disaster, and Walter Etc. @ Uptown Art House

GUMP combines hip hop and casual punk rock in a unique way. With rap and soul-inspired lyrics backed by lagging bass and guitar, GUMP has created a sub-genre of so many different things with the perfect level of energy. Check out “Acorn” below to get a glimpse of these catchy lyrics and flowing instrumentals. Make sure to get to Uptown Art House on Sunday to catch GUMP’s opening set.