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August has proven to be a month of punk in D.C. and September is shaping up to be the same. This week is all about punks of color, femme punks, and every other punk that breaks the mold of tradition. From local bands to touring bands, D.C. has the ultimate lineup of unique punk music happening this week. Get your black band tees and carabiners out, it’s time to throw down.

MONDAY (1)CULT WIFE, Herschel Hoover, Trajectories, and Catscan! @ DC9

In the ultimate dog days of summer, where the air feels thicker than six month old expired milk, desert rock seems like the perfect jam. New Orleans native, Cult Wife, is bringing those dry and grungy feels to our city this week. Their only released album, Eternally Yours, sounds much less like a debut album and much more like a third or fourth EP. The kinks were either non-existent or worked themselves out immediately, because the tracks are tight and the album is cohesive. Head to DC9 to check out your new favorites, Cult Wife, on Monday.

NONZOO, Radiator Greys, Mount Rainer, and Hothead @ Black Cat

Black Cat is having an end of summer soireé backstage and Nonzoo is playing, so it’s bound to be wild. Lately I have been getting into more experimental hardcore music, but I always kind of feel like an imposter when I start listening to something new. There is something very familiar about Nonzoo. Perhaps it’s because the vocals (though sparse) are reminiscent of one of my favorite femme-fronted hardcore bands, Cerce. Whatever it is, I feel oddly comforted by Nonzoo, and I think you will too. Don’t believe me? Head to Black Cat early to catch their set and see for yourself.


THEE LEXINGTON ARROWS and Rebel Set @ Slash Run

I think that if you were to Google “nuwave surf rock” right now, Thee Lexington Arrows would be the first search result. It feels like recently surf rock has been strongly divided by those who want it to go away forever and never come back and those who are desperately trying to revive it. Thee Lexington Arrows bring the overly reverbed guitar sounds of surf music with more punk vocals. A very happy medium for those who are looking for something soft, but not too soft. Like the three little bears of punk. Wednesday. Slash Run. Be there.


JOE BIDEN, No Hair, Gun Shy, and Marbled Eye @ EMP Collective (Baltimore)

Joe Biden is bringing justice to punk and punk to justice. Their self-titled EP, released in July of this year, was written by Paris Roberts (vocalist) during the 2015 Baltimore uprising. Roberts sings of police brutality, the importance of black lives, and other issues he and others face living in a predominately white society. Joe Biden is proving that punk is not just for white dudes anymore and it’s really terrific. Joe Biden’s self-titled album flows in terms of instrumentals and vocals, crescendoing at the fifth song titled, “PMA”. Head to EMP Collective and support some DMV punk.



COUCH SLUT, Embra, Cemetery Piss, and Vanum @ Atlas Brew Works

Couch Slut’s album, My Life As A Woman, is the most hardcore form of catharsis imaginable. With song titles and lyrics shedding light on sexual trauma, despair, fear, and other often ignored topics in punk, vocalist Megan Osztrosits offers up her entire heart and soul. It is a pleasure to listen to this music and catch a different side of hardcore. Femme representation is always a good thing. Check out Couch Slut here from New York at Atlas Brew Works on Friday night.


EXIT ORDER, Protester, Rashomon, Blazing Eye, and Pure Disgust @ Rock & Roll Hotel

As the entire punk community of Washington, D.C. sheds a tear for the final Pure Disgust show ever, we are thankful for Boston’s own Exit Order to temporarily fill the void. This is high energy hardcore at its finest, and I am here for it. The thrashing bass, guitar, and drum trifecta is smashed by female-fronted vocals in the best possible way. Unfortunately, we have to send Exit Order back to Boston after the show, so make sure to get to Rock & Roll Hotel early to catch them play.


DAWKINS, Redline Graffiti, Zack Be @ Black Cat

Dawkins is dreampop central. When I close my eyes, it feels like I’m floating on a cloud way, way up above any of my responsibilities. If I listen to this for long enough, I think all of my obligations will disappear and I’ll finally reach that higher state of consciousness I’ve been working toward. If you too are looking to escape and be sung to by true angels, check out Dawkins at Black Cat on Sunday night before reality hits you again on Monday morning.