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Amidst what should be the dog days of August, we have been handed some surprisingly balmy weather. If you too are not sure what to do with this break from constant heat and humidity, join me in the quest for the saddest band (touring or otherwise) in D.C. this week.

FOOTSXCOLES and Homeshake @ Songbyrd

DMV-based FootsxColes are the kings of R&B around here and I’m so glad they exist. Combining sweet, sweet drum beats, carefully curated samples, and vocal harmony, FootsxColes offers unique local offerings. In a city where punk and dream pop seem to conquer the DIY scene, FootsxColes helps to fill an important musical void. Check out my favorite track, “loVE eXPEdiTioN” below and be sure to get to Songbyrd early and catch FootscCole’s set.


BLESS, Kid Claws, DJ Pharaoh Haqq, and French Vanilla @ Comet Back Room

Upon first listen, I felt blessed to have found Bless. Bringing together members (and therefore sounds) of some of my favorite bands right now, including Big Hush and Cool People. Bless combines the 80s sounds I love with the punk vibes my soul craves. It’s fresh, it’s revived, it’s the kind of music I want to blast through the shaky skeleton of my 1992 Buick on the way to a crappy New England beach. Swing by Comet early to get your summer bumming on (in a good way).


POSTER BOY, Maulrat, A Shrewdness of Apes @ Velvet Lounge

After a good while of digging around on the web, I was able to find two samples from Poster Boy, a new band out of D.C. With only 1:23 of music total available right now, I was skeptical. Then I listened. Now I am not. Poster Boy has a raw and grimy sound that is pleasing and intriguing. I like bands that make me feel curious and Poster Boy gives me that feeling. Head to Velvet Lounge early to experience their music that is not available on the interwebs!!


CRAB LEGS, Sun Young, Primal Feelings, Flash Frequency @ Paperhaus

I may be in an 80s movie. Maybe I’m in Twin Peaks? I’m not certain what’s happening with Crab Legs, but I like it a lot. Experimental nonsense at its finest. This was probably thought up and/or made in a basement. Even if it wasn’t, that’s a nice thing to imagine anyway. Get to Paperhaus early to check out some dreamscape synthpop from Crab Legs.


REALLY BIG PINECONE, Anna Altman, and Tall Friend (Record Release Show) @ Comet

When I listen to Really Big Pinecone, I’m reminded that I probably won’t ever get over the sad girl phase. And that’s okay. Zannie Owens’ voice is pure and airy and unadulterated. I want to listen only to “Chorus Girl” from now on. Prepare your handkerchiefs, tissues, or hoodie sleeves because it’s about to get emotional at Comet this Saturday. Remember, crying is good for the skin. So be there.

KAMYAR ARSANI, Kath Bloom, and Friendship @ Rhizome

Sunday afternoon shows are the definition of summertime blues. Iranian-born artist of many talents, Kamyar Arsani, provides vocals, acoustic guitar, and a variety of percussion sounds in his solo work. His music combines cultures as well as contemporary and traditional types of Persian music in order to produce his one of a kind sound. Head over to Rhizome early for an afternoon show and catch Kamyar Arsani. If you have never heard the Daf, a traditional Iranian frame drum, now is your chance.