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Welcome to the first week of the last full month of summer. Summer tours are in full swing and that means lots of bands from out of town to experience in this 68.34 square miles we call home. From Missouri to Philly to Atlanta to New York, let’s welcome these musical guests to D.C. in the best possible way: by showing up to see them play (free food and booze are also highly appreciated I’m sure).

SECRET NUDIST FRIENDS, Aerial View, and Foster Carrots @ Black Cat

If psychedelic rock and surf rock had a baby, it would be called Secret Nudist Friends. SNF from Philly brings the sounds of Haight Ashbury to the east coast and it’s amazing. Put on your dancing shoes and swing by the Black Cat early to catch Secret Nudist Friends open for Foster Carrots. Check out their newest release, Susan EP, released early this year.



FLORAL PRINT, Golden Papo, Jacuzzi Suit, and Slip Disco @ The Playroom

Atlanta-based Floral Print is just beginning their summer tour and I’m hyped that they have a stop in D.C. I feel passionate about supporting opening bands in general, bus especially when those opening bands remind me of my all-time favorite band, I Kill Giants. Floral Print has the most dance-y guitar playing I’ve heard since I Kill Giants, so these are some very exciting times. Message the event page for the address and head to The Playroom early to catch Floral Print.


POSTURE, The Stranger, Mock Identity, Park Snakes, and Mock Identity @ Dew Drop Inn

I’m not sure how I feel about Missouri. I don’t know much about it, but what I do know about it scares me a little. What I do know is that Missouri produced a great band called Posture, and for that I am grateful. Muffled guitars and male/female vocals make me feel like I’m back in high school, sitting in a tree after class and writing in my Moleskine journal. If you’re looking to feel nostalgic as hell, make sure to get to Dew Drop Inn early to see Posture perform.


SLIGHT, Keeper, Baby Grill, and Trace Mountains @ Comet

Slight’s newest album, Hate The Summer has me feeling some type of way. Round about this time in the summer, I start to feel resentful. I feel bored and stifled by the beginning of August, and I’m so thankful that Slight understood that feeling enough to make an entire album about it. Get to Comet early so you can hate-eat some pizza and get angsty over guitar music and summer.


ANTONIA, Den-Mate, Casual Burn, Wildhoney, and Big Hush @ Hole in the Sky

Antonia’s music is kind of a non-religious spiritual experience. An artist in the purest form of the word, Antonia’s live sets feel transformative and calculated. I think it must be very hard to be a solo performer, so I give a lot of credit to Antonia. The sounds are new and original and very very deserving of your attention at Hole in the Sky.

DEL FLORIDA, DeMille Music, and NAH. @ Black Cat

Frontwoman Leela Dawson has a hypnotically beautiful voice, which I am somewhat intimidated by but mostly just incredibly impressed by. Not only are the vocals and instrumentals absolutely amazing, but the lyrics scream femme power. I love every part of it and you probably will too. Get to the Black Cat early to check them out.