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If the last few days of springtime have you itching for summer, you’re in luck. D.C. and Baltimore are being graced with those carefree, beachy sounds that you’ve been craving this week. Preview these great openers below, you’ll want to add them to your summer solstice 2017 playlist.

MODERN NOMAD and Post Animal – Tuesday, June 20 @ The Black Cat

Modern Nomad delivers the exact beachy vibes with a synth pop twist you would expect from a band with that name. The lyrics are catchy and upbeat, perfect for the week leading up to the Summer Solstice. Check out their newest release of the year, “Fun Is Good,” before seeing them live at The Black Cat.


FRANCES CONE and Elliot Moss – Wednesday, June 21 @ DC9

Frances Cone’s front woman, Christina Cone, was blessed with the ideal voice for indie rock. She sings with an unbeatable balance of rasp and air while simultaneously emulating the sound that thick, silky honey would make if it made a sound at all. If you vibe with the strong female vocals of Frances Quinlan, frontwoman of Hop Along, give a listen to Frances Cone’s song “Arizona.”


AERIAL VIEW, Arhtéru, Cool Baby, and Goodside (last show) – Thursday, June 22 @ The Electric Maid

Aerial View, self-identified as “impressionist rock,” is significantly better than that vague genre implies. Their newest release, which dropped last month, features 21 minutes and 47 seconds of true poetry. Their lyrics will leave you contemplating life and everything else in this world. Fear not, gentle guitars and vocals will comfort your stress about existing.


DARREN HANLON and Chastity Belt – Friday, June 23 @ Songbyrd

Darren Hanlon’s voice is guaranteed to hit you right where it hurts, in the best way. Pair his hauntingly beautiful lyrics with short, dancey guitar licks and you’ve got yourself a perfect opener for some glorious girl rock from Chastity Belt. Check out “All These Things.”


OUTCALLS, Jumpcuts, Dalton Deschain & The Travelling Show, and Rare Candy – Saturday, June 24 @ The Sidebar

I love some good saxophone and horn features always. Pair that with the angelic vocal pairings of leaders Britt Olsen-Ecker and Melissa Wimbish, and you’ve got yourself the sounds of Baltimore’s own Outcalls. The sextet will keep you on your toes with kicking drums and a notable flicks of a baseline in this wondrous jazz fusion creation, which is sure to be incredible live at The Sidebar.

POPPY PATICA, Trees Take Ease, Brandon Moses, Regiment, and Shinji – Sunday, June 25 @ The Pinch

Poppy Patica serves perfect vocal harmonization with perhaps some of the most thoughtful and conservative guitar and tambourine playing I have ever come across. Highly recommended in general, but especially if you enjoy music from Real Estate or Surf Curse. Nevertheless, you’ll want to show up in time to hear surfy jams from Poppy Patica (D.C. locals, might I add) at The Pinch.