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SWINGS with Slingshot Dakota – Tuesday, August 4th @ The Lab

Swings play angst-driven bummer rock, crunchy guitars and all. Jamie Finucane’s desperation-driven multitracked vocals provide the emotional centerpiece of the Washington three-piece. They’ll open for the Pennsylvania-based Slingshot Dakota in Alexandria tonight.

AIRHEAD DC with Frankie Cosmos and Girlpool – Wednesday, August 5th @ Comet Ping Pong

Airhead DC is a project of Washington native Vishal Narang, who previously recorded under the monikers of Milk Ghost and Nirvanas. While his latest effort lacks a large discographic breadth, he makes up for it with sweet blue-wave guitars and a relaxed, summery quality.

J FERNANDEZ with Ezra Furman – Thursday, August 6th @ DC9 

J Fernandez’s sound is akin to a lofi Andrew Bird, mixing elements of alternative rock with chamber pop and electronic accents, all the while being the backdrop for storytelling through song that is both catchy and evocatively mysterious. He’ll play before the insanely eclectic Ezra Furman at DC9.

CHAIN & THE GANG with the Thurston More Baand – Friday, August 7th @ Black Cat

Chain & the Gang takes Ian Svenoius’ own weird brand of indie and filters it through the ethos and styles of punk nihilism, resembling some kind of anachronistic 1950s rock and roll. They’ll play before Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore at Black Cat this weekend.

SPANK ROCK with Heems – Saturday, August 8th @ Rock and Roll Hotel

Spank Rock delivers interesting, sing-speak rap alá Theophilus London or Shamir, but does so with an intelligent, humorous wordplay that is all old-school (“Now I wanna go West (like Kanye?) / I was thinking more Cornel”). See him open for rap god (and former Das Racist member), Heems, at RNR Hotel.