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BEN BROWNING with Moullinex – Wednesday, July 29 @ Black Cat

Ben Browning (of Cut Copy acclaim) creates fun, vintage electronic music with danceable sentiments along the same lines as the Human League and Talking Heads. Browning combines the organic sounds of physical instruments with the industrial sound of 80s synthesizers.

WILD HONEY with BRNDA – Thursday, July 30 @ Black Cat 

Wildhoney as a band is evocative of an adolescent spring awakening; they are crazy, messy, wild and tender all at once. Lauren Shusterich’s vocals come through clean amid the hazy onslaught of pedaled shoegazey guitars. They’ll play right before local band BRNDA’s set tomorrow.

THE TEEN AGE with Lazyeyes – Friday, July 31 @ DC9

Brooklyn’s The Teen Age self describe themselves as “doo wop garage,” which might be the closest one can get to putting the four piece in a sub-genre. Lots of old school “oohs” accent driving riffs and pop lyricism, making for a fun and extremely loud throwback of sorts.

CHARLY BLISS with Veruca Salt – Saturday, August 1st @ 9:30 Club

If the band Wavves was formed on the opposite coast, and substituted sweet West Coast vibes for New York’s bitterness, they would probably sound a lot like Charly Bliss in all their noise-pop-punk glory. The NY group will play before Veruca Salt this weekend.

EASTWESTHWY with Broke Royals – Saturday, August 1 @ Rock & Roll Hotel

Locals EastWestHWY brought their alternative, Phoenix-inspired sound to Fort Reno this year, following the release of their latest effort, the What’s Next EP. Obvious nods to Two Door Cinema Club and Bloc Party aside, EWH play some of DC’s more polished indie rock with talented musicianship.