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BLESS with White Mystery – Wednesday, July 22 @ Comet Ping Pong 

Bless is a cocktail of styles that characterizes DC’s local music in 2015 – a dash of fuzzy, shoegazey guitars, mixed with pop-stylings and an eclectic vocal style. While their sound might be emblematic of the scene, Bless is anything but boring, as evidenced by a unique mix and talented musicianship in their abundantly catchy guitar riffs.

MAGNETAR FLARES with Incredible Change – Thursday, July 23 @ Fort Reno

It seems fitting that an old school punk band like Magnetar Flares would grace the stage of Fort Reno, bringing the historic summer venue back to its grungy, aggressive roots. Flares will get a pit going ahead of Incredible Change’s dreamy synthpop this Thursday.

CARE with Small Wonder – Thursday, July 23 @ Comet Ping Pong

CARE is post-pop sadness at its most visceral and emotive, stretching out melodies over long, guitar-driven ambience half of the time, while spending the other half reconstructing the songs into driving, euphoric noise rock. CARE will open for the agnostic gospel that is Small Wonder at Comet this Thursday.

SITCOM with Quarterbacks – Friday, July 24 @ Babe City

Foozle’s Jake Lazovick has no problem turning down the raucous energy of his Maryland three-piece to wax poetically on his keyboard for his solo project, Sitcom. He’ll open for New York’s Quarterbacks at Babe City on Friday.

SCHOOL DANCE with Memory Tapes – Sunday, July 26 @ DC9

School Dance make music that sounds like the soundtrack to a John Hughes movie set in a Back to the Future Part II retrofuture, with softly menacing synths percolating underneath the sweet sadness of Allison Lorenzen’s vocals. The vibraphone accents played alongside echoing guitars creates a balanced melancholy in performance.