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TWO DRAGONS AND A CHEETAH with Fellowcraft – Tuesday, July 7 @ DC9

Dramatic lyrics (from powerful frontwoman Maryjo Mattea) mix with a grunge-y minimalism to become Two Dragons and a Cheetah, D.C. locals who wax poetically (and loudly) on the bullshit of modern living, aggressively rocking all the while. They open for Fellowcraft this Tuesday.

GOOD GRAEFF with Mates of State – Wednesday, July 8 @ Rock and Roll Hotel

Good Graeff consists of Brooke and and Brittany Graeff, twin sisters who channel a punk mentality vocally through the lens of baroque pop instrumentation; it’s like a modern Bikini Kill with accordions, cellos and ukuleles. So it’s nothing like Bikini Kill.

BOON with J.Flax & the Heart Attacks – Thursday, July 9 @ Fort Reno 

Weird in all the right ways, Boon’s sound utilizes strange synths, pianos, and driving 4/4 drum patterns as the backdrop of frontman Brendan Principato’s frantic-yet-surreal lyricism. They’ll play first at the Fort Reno show this coming Thursday.

THAO & THE GET DOWN STAY DOWN with The New Pornographers – Friday, July 10 @ 9:30 Club

Thao & The Get Down Stay Down integrate old-school Americana instruments with progressive electronic, all the while relying on crazy-fun singable hooks and playful vibes. They’ll open for indie rock giants New Pornographers at 9:30 Club this Friday.

DIET CIG with Shark Week – Saturday, July 11 @ Babe City

Diet Cig is awesome, melodic tweepop with lyrics born of suburban frustration and previous paramours. The New Paltz-based duo play catchy  basement rock, with each song coming in around the two-minute mark. See them open for Shark Week this weekend (and bring your dancing shoes).