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SEAKNUCKLE with Tomato Dodgers – Tuesday, June 30 @ Above the Bayou

Maryland-based Seaknuckle have their own brand of raunchy rock-pop, characterized by awesome gang-vocals and tasty riffs interspersed among vindictive lyrics that scream, “I’m over it, but I still hate you.”

FUNGI GIRLS with Los Cripis – Tuesday, June 30 @ Simple Bar & Grill 

Fungi Girls is distinguished by their blend of psychedelic, lofi garage rock and West Coast old-school surf rock, emblematic of their Texas roots. The three-piece will open for the Argentinian band Los Cripis’ discordant jams.

SLINGSHOT DAKOTA with Dikembe – Wednesday, July 1 @ Comet Ping Pong

Slingshot Dakota is the lovechild of emo lyricism and time signatures mashed with delicate synths, sped up to the point of becoming an emotional, driving force of energy. They’ll open for Dikembe at pizza-palace Comet Ping Pong on hump day.

ANTHONY PIROG TRIO with North Country – Thursday, July 2 @ DC9

To write off Anthony Pirog as another experimental jazz musician does great discredit to the amount of sonic depth in his artistry; his songs convey a sense of a wandering caravan, lost in the American Midwest, complete with ethereal guitar noodling and epic soundscapes.

EASTWESTHWY with Ezra Mae & the Gypsy Moon – Friday, July 3 @ The Pinch 

Locals EastWestHwy fully embrace their pop sensibilities, utilizing high strung guitars alongside driving electronic drums and ambient synths to convey exciting alt-rock comparable to Phoenix and Two Door Cinema Club. See them first at the In It Together Benefit Show this Friday.