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MOUSER with Total Babes – Tuesday, June 23 @ Black Cat

A pop punk band with a big band sound, Mouser comes from cultural hub Athens, Georgia to pack Black Cat’s backstage. Made up of a whole ensemble of musicians, they play indie rock that proudly displays a wide variety of stylistic influences.

JUNE GLOOM with Forth Wanderers – Wednesday, June 24 @ Above the Bayou

(FULL DISCLOSURE: June Gloom is the project of a friend and former colleague.)

With fuzzy melancholy melodies and sweet lyrics that will send you into the back of your mind for a healthy dose of introspection, June Gloom is a welcome new addition to the D.C. music scene.

CREEPOID with No Joy – Thursday, June 25 @ DC9

Heavy on echoey distortion and slow in tempo, Creepoid’s verses will sway you, and their choruses will smash you with a heavy wall of sound. You definitely won’t want to miss the mesmerizing Philadelphia-based band before No Joy takes the DC9 stage.

PITY SEX with Ceremony – Friday, June 26 @ Rock and Roll Hotel

The dueling male-female vocals that Pity Sex expertly employ set the Michigan band apart from other meticulous and emotive shoegaze bands. See them just before Ceremony in a fully stacked line-up on Friday night.

JACQUES LE COQUE with Mark Sultan – Saturday, June 27 @ Comet Ping Pong

Hailing from Connecticut, Jacques Le Coque play angsty-yet-fun pop punk. Vocalist Pete Mazza sings about romance while guitars submerged in distortion egg him on. Catch them first before the Ar-Kaics and Mark Sultan at Comet Ping Pong.