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MERCURY GIRLS with Wildhoney – Tuesday, June 9 @ Comet Ping Pong

Philadelphia-based Mercury Girls will bring their lighthearted shoegaze to Comet Ping Pong on Tuesday, playing a set before Baltimore’s Wildhoney takes the stage. Let Mercury Girls’ reverb-laden vocals swirl around you while the fuzzy guitar blows you away.

HAERTS with Rhye – Wednesday, June 10 @ 6th & I Synagogue

One can easily hear Haerts’ formal musical education play a part in their easygoing pop. The complexity of multilayering in the band’s songs makes it clear that Hearts really think their compositions through.

FLASH FREQUENCY with Until the Ribbon Breaks – Thursday, June 11 @ Black Cat

Stop by the Black Cat’s backstage on Thursday night to hear some smooth hip-hop instrumentals with a psychedelic edge. Flash Frequency’s hypnotic, electronic set will feed into a powerful performance from the genre-bending Until the Ribbon Breaks.

SAM PRATHER’S GROOVE ORCHESTRA with Thundercat – Friday, June 12 @ Hecht Warehouse

The D.C. Jazz Festival continues this Thursday with Sam Prather’s Groove Orchestra. Stop by the Hecht Warehouse to see some classic jazz at the hands of this talented group before Thundercat gets onstage and makes things weird (in the best way possible).

TEEN with Lower Dens – Saturday, June 13 @ Rock and Roll Hotel

Teen’s interesting brand of mellow pop maintains its uniqueness in the way that Teen plays with rhythm. Background instruments sporadically pop in and out in-between Teen’s masterful vocals. Teen’s downtempo vibe will adjust the crowd well for Lower Dens’ chill grooves later in the evening.