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You bought the ticket, you should enjoy the entire bill. Here are this week’s opening artists that we think you should see.

Psychedelic space-rock band Perhaps are bringing  strange to D.C. this Monday. The self-described “stargaze” trio plays an eclectic form of psychedelic rock, drawing influences from the strung out music of the late 60s.

the Soil & the Sun is a seven-piece experimental art-rock band from Michigan. the Soil & the Sun are notorious for their optimistic and sentimental music.


Empress Of’s music immediately calls to mind the work of some of her contemporaries: Blue Hawaii, Grimes, Holly Herndon. This vein of female artists making electronic music with an edge is one that (for me, anyway) never gets tiring. Empress Of’s penchant for glimmery instrumentals and arrhythmic melodies is best exemplified on “Tristeza,” but some of her other songs are reminiscent of pop jams from the 80s. Get to U Street Music Hall early to catch this electro songstress light up the club.

Arteless blends hip hop, jazz, soul and rock influences to create a full sound. Their music is cleverly arranged and performed. Known in the D.C. scene for being high energy and in sync, Arteless is definitely an opener worth the $10 cover charge.

Alternative rock band Lyenn’s music ranges from simplistic guitar and vocals to modernized orchestral pieces.