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ARDAMUS with The Lucky So and So’s – Wednesday, May 27 @ DC9

Ardamus is an up-and-coming hip-hop artist from the District. See him drop his verses in front of a live band Wednesday night as musicians from the group Delegation Music accompany his buttery flow. The show leads up to The Lucky So and So’s album release, so get ready to go hard.

URBAN SHAMAN with Nick tha 1Da – Wednesday, May 27 @ Velvet Lounge

Does the work week already have you feeling stressed out? Chill out on your hump-day at the Velvet Lounge, where Urban Shaman will play a laid-back set among other local producers that will elevate your soul and turn your body to Jello.

OBNOX with Death – Thursday, May 28 @ Black Cat

Perhaps Obnox’s biggest strength is the difficulty with which he is pinned-down. His album Know America revolves around sludgy, lo-fi melodies that come at you at breakneck speed. These riffs repeat until they fall into a mechanized groove, reminiscent of the opening scene of Metropolis.

METZ with Fidlar – Thursday, May 28 @ 9:30 Club

If a hearty helping of anxiety-driven garage punk sounds like it’s your speed on Thursday night, be sure to head to the 9:30 Club in plenty of time to catch Metz open for Fidlar. Familiarize yourself with this aggressive Canadian band by checking out the spastic music video for “The Swimmer” below.

SWINGS with The Sea Life – Sunday, May 31 @ Black Cat

Undulating melodies unfolding under faint vocals can quickly transition into frenetic mathy breakdowns in Swings’ music. The local band will hit you right in the feels in the middle of a showcase at Black Cat’s backstage that will highlight some of D.C.’s best home-grown sounds.