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BO NINGEN with TV on the Radio – Tuesday, May 19 @ Echostage

Japanese 4-piece Bo Ningen will warm up Echostage for TV on the Radio. Frenetic guitar riffs, steady drums, and grooving basslines, their music is fun even if you don’t speak Japanese. Definitely catch this set if you’re into other dance-punk bands like The Rapture.

POLYON with Dead Heavens – Tuesday, May 19 @ DC9

With lead guitar melodies reminiscent of post-rock jams buried beneath driving distortion, Polyon’s music will suit the mood whether your looking to headbang or just chill and sway to the music. See them at DC9 before Dead Heavens get onstage, and feel the weight of their noise pour over you.

AMOS PIPER with Föllakzoid – Wednesday, May 20 @ Black Cat

If you’re looking to hear some easygoing music that you can lose yourself in, go see Amos Piper open for Föllakzoid at the Black Cat. The Baltimore band’s mellowed-out psychedelic songs will loosen you up before Föllakzoid take the stage and bring you along on an instrumental odyssey.

LINSAY DEMING with Cal Folger Day – Thursday, May 21 @ The Commune

Catch D.C. local Linsay Deming perform in a stacked lineup of singer-songwriters at the Commune. Her sentimental lyrics and gorgeous voice will tug at some heart strings at this night of soothing music, so you might want to bring some tissues.

MYRRH MYRRH with Chon – Friday, May 22 @ Rock & Roll Hotel

Myrrh Myrrh’s music is much more low-key and downtempo then follow-up acts Deaf Scene and Chon, but they’re performance alone is worth the price of admission. Get to the Rock & Roll Hotel early on Friday to catch this awesome local band and bask in their warm, melty sound.