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KRILL with Speedy Ortiz – Wednesday, May 6 @ Black Cat

Krill packs their music with passion. Energy bubbles below the surface of the band’s softer verses,and explodes in their often-mathy breakdowns. Check them out as they stop at the Black Cat’s main stage along with Speedy Ortiz, who we just interviewed.

CHRISTI with Priests – Thursday, May 7 @ Comet Ping Pong

There’s something of a doo-wop motif that underscores the music of this Richmond-based four-piece. Christi‘s songs are short and punchy, which will help get the blood flowing before Vexx and Priests take things up a notch on Thursday night.

KOPPS with Joywave – Friday, May 8 @ Rock and Roll Hotel

Rooted in New York, Kopps are a dance-music outfit that resists categorization. The band’s instrumentation gives their poppy music a robust sound. Since Joywave has collaborated on Kopps in the past, expect an excellent dynamic between the two acts.

WASHER with Flagland – Saturday, May 9 @ The Dougout

Washer‘s music retains all the best elements of pop-punk without all the clichés. Opting for a less over-driven guitar sound helps them achieve this effect, as does the lack of whine in the band’s vocals.

DEAD PROFESSIONAL with Natural Child – Sunday, May 10 @ DC9

If you like Tom Petty, chances are Dead Professional will appeal to you. Their music finds itself deeply rooted in classic rock, yet their experimentation with rhythm puts a new spin on that tired sound. Since Natural Child also plays classic rock with a twist, there couldn’t be a more perfect opener for this show at DC9.