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BALLET SCHOOL with Seoul – Monday, April 20 @ DC9

Still no plans for 4/20? DC9 has your back with two excellent bands. Coming all the way from Berlin, Ballet School clearly attained world-tour status for a reason. Their tight pop-production coupled with crystal-clear vocals will adequately warm up even the most reluctant dancers before Seoul takes the stage.

PHANTOMWEIGHT with Marrow – Thursday, April 23 @ Black Cat

Jazzy and rhythmic, Phantomweight knows how to groove. The singer’s voice and lyrics bring to mind Phish’s Trey Anastasio, but the horns and distorted guitar swirling around the tribal-sounding percussion help the band stand out as unique. Get to Black Cat’s backstage in time to catch them before Marrow shifts gears and changes up the vibe for the night.

JAKE STARR AND THE FULLNESS with Dot Dash – Friday, April 24 @ Comet Ping Pong

The music of Jake Starr and the Fullness drenches audiences in nostalgia. One can only describe their throwback sound as classic rock and roll. Starr’s raspy voice belts out sexual innuendos while the band behind him jams on retro-sounding riffs that never get old.

STICK FIGURE with Iration – Saturday, April 25 @ 9:30 Club

9:30 Club keeps the 4/20 spirit alive with a stacked reggae lineup on Saturday. Be sure to make it to the venue in time to catch California-based Stick Figure sing about toking up.

IRIS LUNE with The Escape Artist – Sunday, April 26 @ The Pinch

Iris Lune is sedate; vocals that emerge in and out of existence like a tide enter your soul, while minimalist production slowly vibrates the ground beneath your feet and reverberates of the walls around you. This immersive sound is completely unique and worth rushing over to the Pinch to experience live.