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THE LAST YEAR with Sick of Sarah – Tuesday, April 14 @ Black Cat

If you’re in the mood to turn-up on a Tuesday, make your way over to the Black Cat in time to see The Last Year open for Sick of Sarah. The band’s all-over-the-place digital dance-punk sound will provide an excellent soundtrack for both dancing and drinking.

A GREAT BIG PILE OF LEAVES with RX Bandits – Wednesday, April 15 @ Rock & Roll Hotel

With a crisp and clean guitar tone, A Great Big Pile of Leaves show that there’s nothing boring about precision. The band has also mastered the perfectly in-tune chant, giving A Great Big Pile of Leaves’ music a refined drinking-song quality.

THE GOTOBEDS with Priests – Thursday, April 16 @ U Street Music Hall

Priests could not have landed themselves a much more fitting opener than punk rockers The Gotobeds. The defining characteristic of their sound are the dueling guitars, which at times work in sync and at others branch off into their own patterns, but always complimenting each other. The band’s lyrics are sassy and in-your-face, in a comical and very real way, making them a perfect lead-up to D.C.’s very own at U Hall.

FELLOW CREATURES with The North Country – Friday, April 17 @ Rock & Roll Hotel

Fellow Creatures‘ silky falsetto vocals will stand-out as particularly unique at The North Country’s album release party at Rock & Roll Hotel. Listen closely, as their music recalls elements of funky soul, while also bearing in mind contemporary trends in rock (and dance) music. They’re playing first, before Paperhaus takes the stage, so be sure to make your way over to H Street with plenty of time to catch the whole kickass lineup.

MOON KING with Doldrums – Sunday, April 19 @ DC 9

Touring with Doldrums following the release of The Air Conditioned Nightmare, Moon King isn’t exactly what you would expect as an opener for such a hot electronic act. Nonetheless, Moon King’s tight production, clear vocals, and fuzzy breakdowns are sure to get all but the most apathetic audiences moving.