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THE BLACK SPARKS with Big Ups – Monday, April 6 @ Comet Ping Pong

Gritty and dark, the Black Sparks prove that D.C. hardcore never died. Check out vocalist Andrew Salfi’s abrasive screams on the frantic track “Burn to Earn.” If  you’re interested in time traveling to an 80’s mosh pit (in your mind, of course), you’re guaranteed to have a good time at Comet Ping Pong on Monday night.

THE GOODBYE PARTY with Waxahatchee – Tuesday, April 7 @ Black Cat

Coming down from Philadelphia, The Goodbye Party creates dreamy rock music that’s sometimes meditative and sometimes lively. Make sure you catch them before Waxahatchee takes the stage later that night.

ADVENTURES with Whirr – Friday, April 10 @ DC9

If you’re looking for some straightforward punk rock that doesn’t fuck around, head to DC9 on Friday. Catch Adventures, a Pittsburgh-based band that fuses pop-structure with punk aesthetic. The resulting sound is one that just about anyone can enjoy.

PRINCE RAMA with Dan Deacon – Saturday, April 11 @ 9:30 Club

Prince Rama has a goofiness to their sound. Their music at times sounds like one of the pre-programmed jam-along beats that comes installed on an old Casio or Yamaha keyboard. This goofiness will feed into Dan Deacon’s set perfectly, as he’s known for getting the crowd heavily involved in the performance. Check out the bizarre video for Prince Rama’s “Never Forever” below.

MAS YSA with Young Fathers – Sunday, April 12 @ Rock & Roll Hotel

Immediately upon hearing about Sunday’s Young Fathers show at the Rock & Roll Hotel, I was sold. When I saw Mas Ysa was also on the bill, I couldn’t believe it. Mas Ysa’s music is difficult to describe, as the producer draws from such a massively wide range of influences. If you took genres ranging from folk to drum & bass music and threw them all in an audio blender, Mas Ysa is what would pour out of it.