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LOLAWOLF with Twin Shadow – Monday, March 30 @ Black Cat

Lolawolf will show up at Black Cat’s main stage on Monday to rock the house with their bass-heavy, all-over-the-place beats. Their music perpetually shifts keys and and time-signatures, which will keep listeners on their toes while Zoë Kravitz addresses familiar themes in her gorgeous voice.

JESSE BOYKINS III with Jesse Ware – Tuesday, March 31 @ 9:30 Club

The voice of Jesse Boykins III exudes eroticism. Listen to him pour his soul our onstage while unconventionally sporadic beats support him. Also stick around for Jesse Ware, whose abstract brand of R&B might just leave you in tears.

CROWN LARKS with Laughing Man – Wednesday, April 1 @ Paperhaus

April Fool’s Day marks the fourth anniversary of The Paperhaus! Be sure to stop by to catch Chicago-based Crown Larks as they come through to play a sick set brimming with musical chaos. Crown Larks are kinetic, jumping from downtempo rock riffs to jazz-esque improvisation, often within the same song.

BIG WILD with Kodak to Graph – Thursday, April 2 @ Rock and Roll Hotel

Big Wild is hard to put in a box. The producer creates music that has both elements of psychedelic rock and bumping electronica. All you really need to know is that you should be ready to dance when you hit up this opener at the Rock and Roll Hotel on Thursday night.

ZULA with Pree – Saturday, April 4 @ Above the Bayou

Echoey and atmospheric, Zula’s music reverberates through rooms and audiences alike. Catch the NYC-based group at Above the Bayou to sway to their often-slow, but still very interesting sound.