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SKATING POLLY with Perfect Pussy – Monday, March 16 @ Black Cat

If you’ve already managed to find a way into Perfect Pussy’s sold-out show at Black Cat’s backstage, get there in time to see Skating Polly first. The talented young sisters come from Oklahoma, and bring with them some groovy, minimalist punk and a whole lot of attitude. Even before catching the captivating duo, get to the show right after doors to catch the also-very-excellent Baby Bry Bry & The Apologists and get the most out of a flawless lineup.

JENNY HVAL with Perfume Genius – Tuesday, March 17 @ Black Cat

It’s everything you used to love about Fiona Apple. Expect this is better than that. Ben Gibbard wishes he’d written these tunes, I wish I’d written these tunes. These tunes are so fucking good. And her voice is precious like a whisper; it’s a deliciously wispy voice.

THE AUSTERITY PROGRAM with Young Widows – Wednesday, March 18 @ DC 9

Reminiscent of Steve Albini projects such as Big Black or Shellac, the sinister music of The Austerity Program merges sludgy guitar riffs with muffled lyrics that range from spoken word to violent and nearly-incoherent shouts. The New York-based two-piece is currently touring the East Coast with Shannon Wright and Young Widows on the same bill, so expect something of a polished dynamic between these artists on Wednesday.

PELL with Kindness – Thursday, March 19 @ U Street Music Hall

With relatable poetry built on a foundation of masterfully unique, mellowed-out production Pell brings a lot to the table. Catch the young and rising hip-hop artist before experimental pop Kindness takes the stage at this early show, and vibe-out to Pell’s impeccable flow.

THE NORTH COUNTRY with Bathtub Republic – Friday, March 20 @ Babe City Fux Palace 

Like when you first heard Noah and The Whale’s debut and realized the potential for woodwind instruments in pop music or the simple joy of male and female vocal harmonies. This is the indie music you’ve been looking for so that you might brag to your friends about how you found it before anyone else. And it’s a basement show, how indie is that shit?