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GO COZY with New Madrid – Wednesday, February 18 @ DC9:

On Wednesday, be sure to see Silver Spring’s dream pop outfit Go Cozy open for New Madrid. Go Cozy’s reverb-heavy arpeggios and chilled-out melodies will make this a good set to bring a date to mid-week.

LANCE NEPTUNE with Beacon – Thursday, February 19 @ DC9: 

Lance Neptune will also land at DC9 this week, bringing along a host of easygoing rhythms with him. The producer’s trippy, synth-driven beats will establish a spacey-but-danceable vibe before Beacon comes onstage later in the evening.

CAUSTIC CASANOVA with Borracho – Thursday, February 19 @ Velvet Lounge:

If metal is more your thing, Caustic Casanova will kick-off a stacked lineup that also includes Joy and Carousel. Newly signed to Retro Futurist Records, Caustic Casanova recalls elements of classic psychedelic doom with a unique punk twist.

PLEASURE CURSES with Young Summer – Friday, February 20 @ U Street Music Hall:

The vigorous synth-pop sounds of Pleasure Curses will pump up the arriving attendees at this Thursday show. The D.C. duo will inject the venue with their lively music, starting off a strong set on a high note.

HEMLINES with Coup Sauvage & The Snips – Saturday, February 21 @ Black Cat:

Dark, brooding melodies undulate into frustrated cries of despair in the music of D.C.’s own Hemlines. Though a seemingly unlikely fit for a Coup Sauvage & The Snips EP release party, Hemlines’ anxious punk and powerful stage presence will have you throwing elbows before Gauzy gets onstage.