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If DC bands were awarded superlatives then U.S. Royalty would perpetually be winning band most likely to breakout. They’re a rock-pop band that gives you just that, and they do so with a homespun style. They are a prefect pairing for Dr. Dog, who’s another band that makes the kind of rock music that causes you to wonder why others don’t do similar. But obviously writing a good rock song is tricky business, regardless of how effortless these bands make it seem.

As close to chillwave without being chillwave Seoul produces laid-back music. Music with the feel of a hazy sunday morning in fog. It’s plenty inviting enough despite being draped in some kind of aura of loneliness. Like Toro y Moi with its breezy electric pulse and groove heavy bass, certainly music that’ll help you settle into a night of pleasant soundscapes.

Goddamn! how I love loud guitars and breakbeat drums. Want your rock and roll full of fuzzed-out blues riffs–talking Jon Spencer like dirty licks. The members of Wanted Man obviously grew-up on the filthiness of blues-rock and the most far out of surf music imaginable. They’ll makes you wish for a return to the golden age of bar bands.

This band reminds me of all the reasons why I hate the term post-punk but why its necessary. While Laughing Man is not really a punk band, they’re sound is no doubt informed by it. There’s no shying away from shirking guitars or fear of political themes. The band welcomes dissonance in its music and thats a very good thing.

It’s catchy music without being peddling. Its shape and abrasive without sacrificing its melodic side. BRNDA music is just good music that makes you hope up and down while shout the chorus along. High energy stuff, people, a far better way to spend your Sunday night than just generally lamenting the return of the work week. Go support a local band, it’s what your city wants from you.