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  • Pleasure Curses with Operators – Monday, January 12th @ DC9

    Get your body ready for pulsating electronic music. Like Depeche Mode with a goove, Pleasure Curses utilize synth riffs and reverb to construct driving pop tunes. Get your night on a good foot with these guys and then stay for the indie rock royalty of Dan Boeckner. Come on, Pilgrim, you know you want to.


Because you wish you thought of naming your band after facial hair. And it’s not just talk, this band has got one killer beard–well, the guitarist has a beard. Also, there is little in this world more appealing than vocal harmonies, at least musically, it’s often the best part of any good indie pop-rock band, and it’s Pearl and the Beards strong suit. Every member of this band has a mad set of pipes and they all fit together beautifully.

The guitar work of Go Cozy has the shimmering quality of Johnny Marr. The singer’s voice has the airy, fragile sound of Morrissey. And yet they don’t really sound like the Smiths. How can this be? I don’t know, check it out for yourself.  But honestly, are you really going to a house show solely to see the headliner?

Surf music with heavy fuzz. And an EP named after your favorite SNL character, Gilly. If that’s not an indication of the good time Teen Mom has in store for you, then I don’t know what more I’ll need to say to convince you. It’s lovely lush music made with guitar, bass, and drums. You know it, you love it, get there early and get it out.

M.H. and His Orchestra is an ensemble band. They have horns, they have strings, they have a lot of fun up on stage. They’ll make you sing, they’ll make you dance, they’ll make you crazy. But mostly they’ll make you wonder why other bands don’t incorporate more of these musical instruments. Trust us, we really like this guys and you will too.