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preview by: Paula Mejia

Tonight at Red Palace, elusive psych-pop clan Nurses will grace the stage of H Street’s Red Palace, with up and comers Dominant Legs.

With a conscious emphasis on rhythmic percussion, their newest, Dracula, is a swelling, melancholic epilogue to their charming 2009 Apple’s Acre. Rooted in entrancing psychedelic melodies, the focus shifts between genres on the newest record. Whispers of All Hour Cymbals-era Yeasayer, with tribal percussion beats, along with fragments of shoegaze guitar, gentle drones, chiming bells and synthesizers, Nurses’ songwriting is at its prime.

With an absence of traditional instrumental roles, the band retreated away from society and the influence of stray sounds and into the depths of the Oregon winter to create Dracula, working collectively to carefully layer ideas into rich sounds. As a result of those solitary weeks spent dreaming, recording and existing together in a cabin in the dead of winter, the vocals ring with a frantic and methodical pace, stemming from both a deep isolation and a restless curiosity.

The previously description of this band as “shaggy younger siblings of Animal Collective”  is fitting- if your younger siblings enjoy walking along a deserted beach in the dim divide between day and night, crafting a a perfect balance of psychedelia that simultaneously haunts and mystifies.

With anything that Nurses lay their hands on, I can’t wait to see the mystical, bizarre and ultimately beautiful sonic frenzy that will inevitable ensue on Tuesday.

Check out the video for the infectious single “Fever Dreams” below.