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Kids get all the good things in life; from free Halloween candy to bubblegum flavored medicine to mother effing RECESS, they have EVERYTHING. And what do WE (the technically adult people) get? TAXES. CUBICLES. GYM MEMBERSHIPS. Maybe we can’t take back ALL of the things that rightfully belong to the non-grown-ups, but we thought we’d at least try to reclaim coloring, because it’s awesome and therapeutic as fuck.

SO, for our third installment of Coloring For Grown-Ups, we did it up Halloween-style with some hand-drawn nautical pumpkin stencils by Kelly Maryanski (artist AND actress), which you’ll be able to print out (assuming you understand the basic principles of your home and/or office printer) and color OR carve JUST IN TIME for Friday night, because YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU WANT, GODDAMMIT! But first, let’s learn a little more about Kelly via this very informative interview portion:



Hi! Who are you in 140 characters or less? (*shakes fist at Twitter*) 

Hi! My name is Kelly and I am a little bit of a renaissance man (but replace “man” with “lady”). I live in Chicago where I work as a musical theatre actor and choreographer as well as illustrator/artist/maker. Halloween/Autumn is my favorite time of year and I currently have an obsession with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Twin Peaks.

Tell me about the artwork we are all going to print out and color today! What was the inspiration?

In the summer months of this past year, I learned to swim as a mermaid (no really) with a mermaid tail etc (I promise I am not THAT weird, mermaids totally exist). I also have had a fascination with all ocean/sea-things, creatures, shells, water elements, squid, and of course the ever-mystical narwhale.  Most of these things also terrify me, so I tend to add a quaint ironic cuteness to sea creatures when I draw them.

I also have a really soft stuffed Narhwale named Nigel.

How’d you get so good at drawing?! What are your go-to tools / materials / supplies / etc. when creating something?

I guess I noticed I could draw when I was about 6 years old or so. It is just something I have always done as well as sewing and dancing. I love RIVES and ARCHES hand pressed papers, Faber Castell ink pens, gouche, fountain pens, and tea.

And now for some HALLOWEEN QUESTIONS! What are you going to be for Halloween this year? (Or is this top secret information?)

Ugh such a tough question because I honestly don’t have enough days in October to be everything I want to be. This year I actually have two performances on the night of Halloween (plug: Evil Dead: the Musical at the Arcade Theatre in Milwaukee for anyone who wants to see it and lives in the Wisconsin/Illinois area!) so I can’t partake in costumed activities. So instead I have decided I will dress up for the whole month, give or take a few days, as different characters. So far I have done: Marceline the Vampire Queen, Clara Oswald, “Prophecy Girl” Buffy, “Chosen” Buffy,  and season 3 Buffy (there are just too many clothes options.)

Best Halloween costume you ever wore vs. WORST Halloween costume you ever wore?

Best: Quorra from TRON, Michael Jackson, Sailor Moon, Butterfly (I was 6), Princess Leia (as a 7 year old)…..there are so many more.  Worst: I really don’t have one.

If you had to be transported into a horror movie right now, which one would you reluctantly pick and what would your survival strategy be?

Twilight. Then I could use my slayer skills to do what I was born to do. Wait, you said horror right…?

What is your metaphorical Freddy Krueger, aka a thing that keeps on ruining your life despite multiple attempts at vanquishment? (For me it’s LinkedIn emails. I have deleted it like eight times to no avail!)


And what is your REAL LIFE Freddy Krueger, aka something you’re super afraid of?

Getting hit by a car/bike/breaking a limb.

What are your feelings on #PUMPKINSPICEEVERYTHING? 


Any #HASHTAGS of wisdom to impart (just general life advice or otherwise) before we wrap up?


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