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Disclaimer: We’re not telling anyone to ever surprise someone with a pet. Obviously. We have never and will never do that.

It’s been a while, but we are back with pictures of more of the adorable cats at MCPAW, Montgomery County’s animal shelter, that need forever homes. All of these cats are ready for adoption, all they need is you to come by and pick them up. If none of these furry fellows appeal to you, see the MCPAW website. There are dozens of more felines that need to be adopted!


As you can tell, Mallory is a playful gal. She loves to jump and run, and has lots of energy. Mallory is young, although her exact age is unknown. She would be great with kids and other pets.



Mauri is a calm and easygoing guy, as you can tell from his pictures. He likes to be petted, and lets most things roll off of his back. He would be great in an apartment or with someone who wants a relaxed live-in companion.



OK, so it is true that Homer is a little scruffy, but it’s nothing that a little love can’t fix! He could use a good session at the groomers, combined with some TLC and he will be as good as new. He is as sweet as can be, and would be a great addition to any home.



Liam has a silky coat and a calm, charming personality. He often gets overlooked because black cats are the least popular cats to be adopted (racist right!) but he would be a great roommate and feline friend.



This big boy has a famous name, which he can definitely live up to. He is smart and friendly, and beautiful to look at as well.