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We’re back on another CBD enhanced adventure! After tackling D.C.’s best places to grab a CBD coffee (you can soak up all that knowledge here), we decided to dive into… the opposite. Grab a hot tea, take a deep breath and put on some spa music (rain noises? waves crashing on a beach? bird calls? It’s your choice, baby) because we’re diving into the most relaxing ways to chase that CBD high. This mini-guide isn’t about dosing your coffee or slipping some CBD on your pulse points between meetings, it’s about taking a break and luxuriating in the CBD. Let it crash over you like those aforementioned wave sounds.

We might not be totally convinced that CBD works (for us at least, people make all sorts of claims about the efficacy of CBD), but if you’re looking to treat yourself and want to explore this trendy world at the same time, you’ve come to the right place. Ranked from least expensive to most expensive, here are some great places to start if you’re looking to feel more focused, less stressed and sleepier.

BLT Steak’s The Wake and Bake cocktail ($16)
D.C. might have an entire bar dedicated to CBD cocktails (which we will hopefully cover in further CBD escapades) these days, but BLT Steak was one of the D.C. first bars to champion a CBD cocktail (at least, it was the first bar we noticed, if we’re wrong please let us know). The Wake and Bake is a classic espresso martini made with Brugal rum, cold brew and five sprays of CBD. The cocktail is also garnished with a bright red gummy. The result is a solid as hell espresso martini, the kind of drink made for people who want to order coffee with dessert, but also want alcohol. With or without the CBD, I would absolutely have this cocktail again. I can’t help it, I might hate coffee, but I love coffee flavored things.

As for the CBD, this is maybe, possibly the only time I have felt… something after ingesting CBD. For the rest of the day, I felt clouded by calmness. Nothing on the Metro phased me, no one at the gym could bother me and household chores just didn’t seem like a big deal. Now, that also might be because I had eaten breakfast at 8 a.m. and then had nothing until I drank this cocktail around 5:30 p.m. So it’s also possibly that I was lightly buzzed. Either way, this is the first time I felt like the CBD was working (even if it wasn’t.)

Rose Glow Tea Room’s Breathe Tea ($30 for a tin)
Based in D.C. (but sold online), Rose Glow Tea Room sells a wide swatch of CBD tea and a variety of accessories, including crystal water bottles, boob shaped ashtrays, jade rollers and tea mugs that also serve as weed pipes. As much as that last item intrigues me, we’re not here to talk about that. We’re here to talk about CBD. Rose Glow’s Breathe tea is a classic rooibos, with a beautiful red color, notes of vanilla and a floral edge. It’s a great tea to drink, with just enough flavor that it feels like a treat, but it’s not so fragrant that you feel like you’re drinking perfume.

While I enjoyed all three of the cups of Breathe I made, at no point did I feel any CBD affect, whether I drank them at home on the weekends or at work while I was stressed. Each time I really enjoyed the tea, but it didn’t make me feel less stressed or blissful or more centered. It just made me feel like I was drinking a solid cup of tea. If you like tea and want to expand your portfolio, grab a tin of this (I really regret not making iced tea with it, I bet that would be killer). The only thing I didn’t like about the tea was that some of my bags seemed to be punctured, so I had to double bag them.

Georgetown Massage & Bodywork’s CBD Massage ($130-$190)
Getting to Georgetown can be a pain, but Alison Alleva’s deeply relaxing massage spot / apothecary makes the trip feel worth it. Tucked away on a second floor off of Wisconsin Avenue, Georgetown Massage & Bodywork isn’t just a place to get your body worked on, it’s also a one shop stop for all of your self care needs. Georgetown Massage & Bodywork has a decently sized stock of candles, soaps, bath salts, aromatherapy brands and plenty of CBD (including buzzy brands like Lord Jones).

Alleva has been using CBD in her massages since before it was trendy, “I started spot working people with it,” she says, adding “The more I started learning about it, and the more information I was getting, I realized this was a really nice thing to add.” She especially recommends it for its anti-inflammatory affects, saying “It’s good to enhance what we already do, especially the inflammatory component. People who are coming in with injuries, or overworked muscles… You can use it topically, but if you put it throughout the whole system, you’re getting benefits that way.”

I’m cautious to say that the use of CBD oil (instead of good old fashioned regular massage oil) helped my muscles, I can very easily say that it was the best massage I’ve ever had. From the heated towels around my feet, to massage therapist’s excellent skills, I was 100% refreshed and relaxed when I stepped out of the shop. Was it the CBD? Maybe. Was it the amazing massage? Definitely.