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Wayne’s World, the movie, turned 25 this week. Remember when you could buy the VHS at McDonald’s? That’s how my friend Guy got a copy. Guy is his name. I’m not using the word guy as a pronoun. I’m from a place where the name Guy is relatively common.

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THIS_WEEK_ON_BYTWe write stuff. Here’s some of that stuff from the last week that may be applicable to your preferences!


Pizza Hut is better than Domino’s and Domino’s is better than Papa John’s and is Little Caesars still around? I miss Little Caesars.





  • Do some daytime stuff:
  • The Empty Bottle’s Winter Record Label Fair has a bunch of local record barons on deck to sell their wares to you!
  • The Music Box is doing a pre-noon screening of Cool Hand Luke!
  • Head out to Rosemont and check out the RV & Camping Show, it’s a lot of fun. They have so many campers you can go inside and pretend you can afford!
  • Hopewell Brewery is turning one years old today, and they’ve got a bunch of festivities planned for their birthday party!
  • Rogers Park Social hosts a special daylong charity event called Suds n Java for a Cause!
  • Delilah’s 19th annual Vintage Beer Fest has over 100 aged and vintage brews on deck for you to sample. Crazy stuff, dude.
  • The Chicago Whiskey and Wine festival, which celebrates two of my favorite things, comes to Joe’s on Weed St. today.