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The Illinois Centennial Monument, which sits at the heart of Logan Square, was built in 1918 to honor the 100th anniversary of Illinois’ statehood. Its nobility was cheapened by the nearby presence of a garish, brightly-colored billboard for the movie Aloha, which was released to savage reviews and poor box office performance in 2015. LoganSquareAlohaBillboard.tumblr.com was created to document whether or not the poster for Aloha remained on that billboard. It stood for over a year. It came down on May 6, 2016. We miss it. So here are some Aloha GIFs!

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THIS_WEEK_ON_BYTWe write stuff. Here’s some of that stuff from the last week that may be applicable to your preferences!





  • Area noise rock provocateurs Fake Limbs celebrate the release of their excellent new album at the Empty Bottle with The Breathing Light and Beat Drun Juel.
  • SAD13 is the solo project of Speedy Ortiz’s Sadie Dupuis and you have the chance to see it live and in person at Beat Kitchen, alongside Vagabon and Spooky Action Space Captain.
  • The Lawrence Arms/Alkaline Trio/Rise Against side project/supergroup The Falcon plays a nice special show at the Metro alongside punk comedy king dude Kyle Kinane, Arms Aloft, and Typesetter.
  • Because life is a dark, sick joke the Music Box is showing Dr. Strangelove tonight.
  • Dr. Lawrence Atop’s Journey to The Polygon of Suffering featuring The Fruit Stare Band is happening at the Hideout. I don’t know what it is but people seem to be excited about it!!!!!!!!
  • Emporium Logan Square’s got a damn air hockey tourney happening!
  • Poster Children and Domestica play the late show at Schubas. They also played the early show but that one sold out! Damn!
  • It’s Wednesday and that means high quality local showcase Comedians You Should Know happens in the back room of Timothy O’Toole’s in River North and you should be there.
  • Australian garage rockers Straight Arrows headline Emporium Wicker Park with an opening set from locals The Sueves.
  • Psych rock archeologist Plastic Crimewave DJs the Whistler tonight, spinning what I can only imagine to be the deepest of cuts.
  • Look out behind you!tumblr_njn2lzsC2C1so9f96o1_500


  • It’s the McDonald’s Thanksgiving Parade and it’s happening Thanksgiving morning on State Street. Wowee zowee.
  • Head to Emporium for a jumbo dose of Mystery Science Theatre 3000, screening all night long alongside some fun ass drink specials.
  • The 39th annual Turkey Trot happens this morning! Work up a damn appetite by running a few miles before tha feast!
  • Wicker Park mainstay Lottie’s has a Thanksgiving Party happening tonight.
  • Serbian folk band Miligram headlines the Concord Music Hall tonight! Go for it, fans of Miligram!
  • Ghostbusters, the movie that arguably landed us in this whole mess (don’t @ me) is at the Logan Theatre. Whatever.
  • Planes, Trains, and Automobiles is also showing at the Logan Theatre! This is a good movie!
  • Skanksgiving comes to Delilah’s in the way of a ska/reggae DJ night! Delilah’s rules.
  • The Promontory’s got a late night dance party care of the Chosen Few DJs.
  • Balkanika 2016 comes to The Mid for one night only!
  • Cover your eyes! tumblr_nozuqyHL9e1uvlgr4o1_500


giphy (2)



  • Then, night stuff:
  • My Morning Jacket soothsayer Jim James plays a solo show at the Riviera tonight, with special guest Twin Limb.
  • Cult classic Prince vehicle Under The Cherry Moon screens at the Music Box tonight at midnight. Cooooooool!
  • Amy Schumer’s doing another show here in Chicagoland, this one in the city limits at UIC Pavillion!
  • The very cool and good Sonny Knight and the Lakers play City Winery tonight!
  • Dronescapists Steve Hauschildt and Forma play a Kranky Records-approved double bill at Constellation.The Empty Bottle’s monthly modern jazz series Mirrored is back with another stacked lineup of boundary-pushers to help you pregame for the Windy City Soul Club!
  • Speaking of which, the Windy City Soul Club makes its triumphant return. Weehooo what a good time this is, usually.
  • Peter Joly and Rachel Drew and the Bitter Roots play the Hideout!
  • High quality comedy showcase Simmer Brown returns to the Bughouse Theater with headliner Peter Kim plus a bunch of other real good comedians and other special surprises!
  • Jones Street Station and Many Places coheadline Schubas, which is cool.
  • DJ noDJ does acoustic covers of electronic music, and you can see them at the late show at Schubas tonight, if you’d like to!
  • EDM dudes Louis The Child do another show tonight because they’re so popular can you even believe it?? Metro’s got it.
  • Smile and bite your lower lip at Zoolights!

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