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The Cat Video Film Festival is this weekend so let’s celebrate with the original Garfield TV show. It wasn’t very good. We watched it because there weren’t as many options.

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THIS_WEEK_ON_BYTWe write stuff. Here’s some of that stuff from the last week that may be applicable to your preferences!










  • Do some daytime stuff:
  • Day Lapse is an afternoon celebration of all things lap steel! Live performances and DJ sets from Michael Golas & Jordan Martins and Brent Heyl & Scottie McNiece.
  • Annie Hall is still very good even though you know, all the Woody Allen things. If you can square that maybe go see a pre-noon screening at the Music Box.
  • Catch a nice daytime tribute to the work of the legendary soul musician Curtis Mayfield at the Promontory!
  • The Chicago Wine and Champagne Festival takes over Revel Fulton Market, with samples from over 75 wineries available for you to sip on all the live long day.
  • Lincoln Square’s annual Apple Fest kicks off the Fall season! This is absolutely a Chicago staple.
  • Chicago Vegan Mania comes to the Broadway Armory in Uptown. Vendors, samples, speakers, and more! Just no animal products!
  • New Yorker staff writer Hilton Als, UChicago professor Jaqueline Stewart, and Northwestern professor Michelle Wright discuss the influence of black aesthetics on modern art at the MCA for a panel discussion called Art and Life