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German born Levar Burton (yep, Germany) turns 61 this weekend! Happy birthday, reading spaceman!

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We write stuff. Here’s some of that stuff from the last week that may be applicable to your preferences



ACTIVE: Hit the streets for a fun run and really earn your booze with the Run to Pub event, a nice jog to Kelly’s Tap on Western on the South Side! What better way to get yourself stoked on a stiff drink than running around outside in February??

CULTURE: Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art hosts Art After Work, a free evening gallery event where you can take in some cool artwork from folks operating from outside the margins of the art world, and then make some art for yourself, if you’re so inclined!

FILM: Check out the first-ever run of Tales of Mexico, a 2016 short film compilation featuring works from eight of Mexico’s hottest up-and-coming directors, at the Siskel Film Center. The Siskel rules and you should go there more often.

FOOD + DRINK: Veggie Grill, the popular (and primarily vegetarian) fast casual restaurant chain, opens their first Chicago location today in Lakeview! I hope they’re like, giving stuff away!

FREE: Check out The Whistler’s monthly queer-friendly DJ night Slo ‘Mo. It’s free and will feature tunes from and inspired by SZA this month, which is always great news.

MUSIC: Acclaimed bluegrass musician Valerie June headlines The Vic tonight. Birds of Chicago open, which is a band and not just like a bunch of pigeons who walked over from the Belmont Red Line stop.

OUTSIDE: Get “outside” and enjoy some nature at the Chicago Botanic Garden’s Orchid Show. It’s nice and warm and humid in there and gives you those summer feels in the dead of February.

STAGE: Berlin Night Club hosts WET!, a post-Valentines Day show presented by Not Twins and Stardust, featuring DJ sets, drag performances, and more. What a way to dance and party off the sap and sentimentality of Love Day.

STAY IN: Good Time was one of the best movies of 2017 and it’s now streaming on Amazon Prime. What if you stayed home tonight and watched it??



ACTIVE: Go live out your Olympics-inspired dreams by taking it to the ice at The Rink at the Park at Wrigley! Grab your partner and try some figure skating moves but please be careful, also. Let’s not get too ambitious. Maybe just mostly skate around safely in a circle, going with traffic and getting off the ice when they ask you to so they can Zamboni it.

CULTURE: FEMIfest Chicago kicks off it’s two-day takeover of CaliWaukee in Logan Square. Expect a ton of music, live art, performances and more from femme and queer artists from Chicago and beyond!

FILM: The Music Box screens Gummo, a joyfully problematic and unsettling look at the sort of folks left behind by society. What time? Midnight of course. No better time to watch something like Gummo.

FOOD + DRINK: Temperance Beer Co. up in Evanston is giving u a chance to sneak a taste of their 2017 Barrel Aged Might Meets Right brew. For 10 months these imperial stouts have aged inside bourbon barrels and buddy are they ever ready to get sipped on.

FREE: Head to the Chicago Public Library: Archer Heights for a free educational session about the intricacies of legal cannabis. The Cannabis Education Company will be there to educate anyone curious about the benefits and processes related to medical cannabis in Illinois.

MUSIC: Real solid show at the Empty Bottle featuring Glyders, Bonny Doon, and Flamingo Rodeo. Bonny Doon released one of my favorite records of 2017 and I’m really excited to see them.

OUTSIDE: LondonHouse Chicago is doing a series of outdoor dining experiences at their Ice Bar, perched on top of their rooftop dining area. Take in a real fancy tasting menu while chilling (lol) on a roof!

STAGE: Well-loved indie wrestling collective Freelance Wrestling returns to the Logan Square Auditorium for another event. It’s Freeland Is Home and they’ve got a BUNCH of moves in store, I bet.

STAY IN: The first season of Netflix’s new Freaks and Geeks meets Stranger Things style show Everything Sucks! is up in full today. It looks like it could be pretty good! Get a nice weekend binge in starting tonight!


ACTIVE: The Wild Blossom Meadery, Winery, and Brewery features Yoga & A Buzz to get your Saturday morning started off right. Free mead following an hourlong yoga class? Sounds good to me.

CULTURE: The Hoodoisie, a live underground news/variety show appears at Reunion Chicago tonight, featuring intersectional, politically charged segments from guests like Illinois Domestic Violence Hotline Director Rachel Caïdor, scholar and author Michael Cobb, and more!

FILM: The Logan Theatre’s doing a late night screening Blue Velvet, which is one of the best movies ever. Get over there, if you can! They have it listed as the movie’s 30th anniversary but it came out in 1986 so I’m not sure what’s happening there.

FOOD + DRINK: Emporium’s rotating popup bar is currently linked up with the bitter folks at Campari, for a special Valentines-themed bar called the Love Shack! Tonight’s the final night of the event, where you can sample specialty cocktails and dance to love-adjacent tunes.

FREE: Celebrate the 4th anniversary of one of Logan Square’s favorite Arcade Bars, The Logan Arcade! They’re debuting new games, offering a damn nacho bar, plus giveaways, drink specials, and more!

MUSIC: McDonaldsland-themed Black Sabbath cover band Mac Sabbath are bringing their coheadlining tour with Star Wars-tribute Metal Band through Subterranean for what can only be described as peak novelty. Brace yrselfs.

OUTSIDE: The Empty Bottle’s annual ill-advised wintertime outdoor street party Music Frozen Dancing returns with sets from Oh Seees, ADULT., B Boys and more! Free outdoors rock music!

STAGE: Massively popular/totally unpredictable standup comic Katt Williams stops by the Wintrust Arena tonight. What’s Katt been up to these days? Go find out!

STAY IN: What better way to blow off any obligations/commitments on a wintry Saturday night than by staying in and reading a book about death? I Am, I Am, I Am: Seventeen Brushes with Death by Maggie O’Farrell is a collection of anecdotes about a series of near-death experiences that have come to define her life.


ACTIVE: So many folks these days are combing yoga with beer and frankly I think it’s great. The latest installment of such a program happens at Motor Row Brewing. Get after it!

CULTURE: Goldfinch art gallery/performance space hosts the opening reception for Cathy Hsiao’s new exhibit, Movement 1, Bloom. Expect a special complementary sound performance, plus treats and refreshments, I bet!

FILM: Pregame President’s day with a 25th Anniversary Screening of the Kevin Kline political comedy Dave! This has been an event long in the making, so you should do your best to make it over there!

FOOD + DRINK: The Sixth teams up with the roastmasters at Dark Matter Coffee for a Winter Cocktail Pop-Up, featuring adult beverages spiked with various caffeinated concoctions! What a dream.

FREE: Feel like you’re not doing enough to give back/contribute to those less fortunate than yourself? The Peggy Notebaert’s got a free Volunteer Expo, featuring representatives from over 85 nonprofit organizations looking for new volunteers! Do a good thing or two, it’ll feel good!

MUSIC: Thalia Hall’s got a show from Mexican-American collective Orkesta Mendoza, with special guests Las Cafeteras. This will be rad.

OUTSIDE: Head out to Rosemont for a chance to Skate With The Greats for a good cause. Chicago Blackhawk Patrick Sharp will be on deck to hit the ice with you to raise money for the families of the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

STAGE: Chicago comedy production allstar Mikey O brings another variety/standup show to Joe’s on Weed. This one’s headlined by Gwen La Roka and features music and dancing from Las Damas de la Salsa, accompanied by the Caribe Project.

STAY IN: You love the Eric Andre Show, right? Of course you do. To help sate your Eric Andre thirst for the time being, Adult Swim’s got a new special, Eric Andre Does Paris, following the post-Jackass dadaist genius as he traverses the city of love.