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Short work week, good week.

Every Thursday at 9 a.m we mail you our Best Weekend Bets. Best Weekday Bets are similar to our Best Weekend Bets but there’s more options since it’s more socially acceptable to have more fun on the weekend.

ACTIVE: Learn about the very unique art of contact juggling at the Dance Center Chicago, where the folks behind Pyrotechniq Productions will give you an entry-level intro to this very specific and meditative balancing act. 

CULTURE: Elastic Arts’ recurring arts/cultural discussion program WE Series returns with an examination of our day-to-day navigation of the complex social clues and linguistic tics that dominate our conversations, with special guest Ryan Zerna!

FILM: They’re showing the acclaimed Johnny Cash biopic Walk the Line for one night only at The Logan Theatre.

FOOD + DRINK: Drop by the massive, beautiful restaurant/entertainment complex Alhambra Palace in the West Loop for a special Ramadan Buffet.

FREE: The Chicago History Museum is free for all Illinois residents today! This is an underrated museum!

MUSIC: Relive the wild days of the early 2000s NYC rock scene with a big old gig at the Aragon featuring the damn Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

OUTSIDE: Head to the big field just south of Foster Beach for a Full Moon Jam session/bonfire/free spirit thing for the whole family in celebration of the big round moon in the sky!

STAGE: Second City hosts an exclusive run of Older and Wider the new one woman show from SNL alumnus Julia Sweeney! What a nice treat for us here in Chicago.

STAY IN: The first half of the new season of Arrested Development hits Netflix today. Check it out for yourself, I wonder if it’ll be good????


ACTIVE: They got damn Yoga with Cats over at Harmony House for Cats, an animal rescue/shelter that also apparently gives you the chance to stretch around for an hour or so while surrounded by four legged weirdos.

CULTURE: The latest edition of The Onion’s first annual Comedy and Arts Festival starts tonight, and one of the extremely good things happening tonight is a live recording of I Only Listen to The Mountain Goats at Thalia Hall. Welcome to Night Vale’s Joseph Fink and The Mountain Goats’ John Darnielle talk about creativity and songcraft as they break down, track-by-track, The Mountain Goats’ landmark album All Hail West Texas.

FILM: The Siskel Film Center has the Chicago premiere of That Summer, a prequel of sorts to the hugely popular and influential documentary Grey Gardens. They’re not doing a ton of screenings so you should get over there today to catch this thing!

FOOD + DRINK: The Chicago Food Truck Fest takes over Daley Plaza for lunch today, so if you work in the Loop/can get down there between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., you should!

FREE: Savage Bingo at Headquarters Beercade is a big wild Bingo game that closes out with a giveaway of either $200 cash or passes to Spring Awakening Music Fest. Hell yeah.

MUSIC: So Logan Square record shop Logan Hardware shut down day-to-day operations recently, but they’re not totally gone! They’re popping up once a month at Logan Arcade, featuring DJ sets from ex-clerks and other friends, plus a well-curated selection of records to browse and pinball machines set to free play! 

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OUTSIDE: Your summer in Chicago isn’t complete without a few rounds of cornhole. It’s the truth! Wise Owl’s got a chance for you to toss some bean bags this evening, at their weekly Summer Bags Tournament.

STAGE: The Onion Comedy & Arts Fest also has a conversation with The Onion, moderated by Tom Scharpling, going down at Lincoln Hall. It’s not often that the folks behind The Onion talk intimately about their craft, so you probably should check this out if you’re any sort of comedy fan at all.

STAY IN: Just like Arrested Development yesterday, the first half of the final season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt drops on Netflix today. It’s a good show, folks.


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