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Folks we are truly nearing the honorary end days of Summer. Pack in as much as you can before it gets cold again for the next eight months.

Every Thursday at 9 a.m we mail you our Best Weekend Bets. Best Weekday Bets are similar to our Best Weekend Bets but there’s more options since it’s more socially acceptable to have more fun on the weekend.

ACTIVE: The slow rolling Tour de Parks group bike ride series rides through Burnham Wildlife Park tonight.

CULTURE: City Winery’s got a Words & Wine event featuring a live performance from acclaimed poet Regine T. Rosseau.

FILM: Three movies in the parks planned for you: Jurassic Park in Grant Park, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle at the South Shore Cultural Center Fieldhouse, and Chicago Onscreen, a celebration of local filmmakers, at Loyola Park.

FOOD + DRINK: Go to Cider School at The Northman tonight, where you can learn about the wild, flavorful world of Wood Aged Ciders.

FREE: They’re doing a big old vibrational Full Moon Fire Jam at Foster Beach, where you can align your chakras with a bunch of moonminded folks on the damn beach.

MUSIC: A free evening of Local Rock at the Empty Bottle, featuring sets from Glyders, Flamingo Rodeo, and Ruins, plus a DJ set from the folks in Dehd.

OUTSIDE: They’re doing Grateful Dead Night at Wrigley Field tonight. Dancing bears hat giveaways and Kind Vibes await you!

STAGE: The Radicalization Process, a self-proclaimed “gleefully obtuse re-production of The Living Theatre’s Antigone,” looks back at the history of the radical American left of the 1960s and 70s.

STAY IN: On the market for a new paranoid piece of not-too-far-off dystopic fiction? Grab a copy of Vox by Christina Dalcher and don’t leave the house until you finish it!


ACTIVE: Join the stretchy pants folks from Lululemon Chicago and do some Yoga in the Park in Bucktown.

CULTURE: The Hideout’s longrunning radical feminist chat show The Girl Talk has guests Mary Scott-Boria and Susan Klonsky, who both played major roles in the radical activist movements of the late sixties.

FILM: They’re doing a live staged reading of Ten Things I Hate About You at the Music Box.

FOOD + DRINK: Drop by the SOAR Farmer’s Market, an early morning weekly market in the Museum of Contemporary Art’s plaza.

FREE: The California Clipper’s Planet of the Apes DJ night highlights tracks from/inspired by Gorillaz’ deep catalogue of weirdo hip hop.

MUSIC: Country legend Lyle Lovett brings his Large Band to Ravinia for a nice suburban lawn party good time.

OUTSIDE: A trio of Chicago Onscreen local film screenings in the parks tonight, featuring showcases of local shorts in Clarendon Park, Ellis Park, and West Pullman Park.

STAGE: Longtime storytelling show The Moth brings their recurring StorySLAM showcase to Lincoln Hall.

STAY IN: Lebron James’ new interview/culture/debate show The Shop premieres on HBO tonight.


ACTIVE: Lakeshore Sport & Fitness have a wine + running pairing (not in that order) planned for all the ladies out there. It’s a Wednesday Women Wine Run!

CULTURE: The Shedd Aquarium’s weekly jazz party is back. It’s called Jazzin’ at the Shedd and you can listen to a saxophone while looking at a horseshoe crab.

FILM: Released and Abandoned, a B-movie screening series at Comfort Station gives you the chance to watch the forgotten ‘80s classic Beyond The Seventh Door, a no-budget dungeon heist thriller starring a proto-Tommy Wiseau as the inexplicable action hero.

FOOD + DRINK: The Hideout’s Veggie Bingo night returns, giving you another chance to win a bounty of vegetation, as well as a handful of other prizes.

FREE: Wonder & Skepticism, the Empty Bottle’s live science talk series, brings you a discussion entitled Mamma Mia! Solar Energy from Spaghetti Polymers, from Micaela Matta from Northwestern University.

MUSIC: Double billed rock show starring Gringo Starr and Grace Vonderkuhn goes down at the Empty Bottle late night tonight.

OUTSIDE: They’re showing Black Panther in Moore Park tonight, plus a trio of Chicago Onscreen local filmmaker showcases in Ogden, Wicker, and Independence Parks.

STAGE: Longrunning River North standup comedy showcase Comedians You Should Know has sets from local comics like Marty DeRosa, Allison Dunne, and Chastity Washington.

STAY IN: The Good Place season 2 is now streaming on Netflix. It’s one of the best shows going, so you should probably catch up if you’re not already on board!



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