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WOW! is Thamee’s super cool womxn-operated and BIPOC-focused tiny curated wine shop, and it officially launches TODAY!

Additionally, Thamee is announcing a special partnership with Takera Gholson of Flights and Foods. Together, the womxn of color-led teams have curated a list of “Black Food Folks” they think deserve a special treat in honor of National Black Business Month (NBBM). The “NBBM Curated Gift Case” includes six bottles of wine selected by Thamee’s resident wine expert and the former general manager of DIO Wine Bar, Danielle Moreno.

Here’s what Thamee Co-Owner & Director of Operations Simone Jacobson said about the concept:

Ever since we launched Toli Moli in 2016, womxn of color have been our most enthusiastic and loyal supporters. For National Black Business Month, we wanted to celebrate Black food folks by sending a simple message: “Let us take care of you.”

Six bottles of wine won’t end structural racism, overthrow the patriarchy, or dismantle the systems that have disproportionately impacted our lives as BIPOC people working in food, beverage, and hospitality. But, in these challenging times, sending a gift is a welcome act of love and service we can make possible.

We’re honored to partner with our friend, an avid Thamee supporter and food blogger, Takera Gholson of Flights and Foods. It is our hope that anyone who receives an NBBM Curated Gift Case knows they are valued and appreciated for the work they do and for their continued support of BIPOC-, woman-, immigrant-, and family-owned businesses like Thamee.

We see you, we thank you, and we hope you know someone in our community cares for you.

WOW! will feature delivery services every Wednesday and Thursday between 4pm and 8pm, and there’ll be pick-up options from Friday to Sunday during Thamee’s operating hours. (In fact, until 2pm today you can hit up a soft launch via pre-orders on Toast!) You can scope the full list of “Black Food Folks” Flights and Foods and Thamee have chosen to highlight in celebration of National Black Business Month by visiting the Flights and Foods website. The NBBM Curated Gift Case is priced at $150, and includes Thamee’s Flat30, which was announced in July to ensure a better quality of life for the staff, including a livable wage, access to health benefits, career-advancing opportunities and profit sharing after one year. Additional pricing and ordering information can be found on Thamee’s Toast page.