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Madame Gandhi (who appeared in the Project Pride video we re-shared this morning) premiered a brand new video yesterday for “Waiting For Me”, and it’s a must-watch; directed by Misha Ghose and filmed in Mumbai, India earlier this year (just weeks before global lockdowns began), it’s a powerful reflection on freedom and oppression.

Gandhi says, “My hope is that this video sparks a conversation among my audience asking, ‘What currently oppresses me? And what does my version of freedom look and feel like?'”

The visually stunning video depicts her own visions of freedom, which include “returning to nature, connecting with an intersectional group of femmes, drumming in protest, dancing to the sound of our own joy, bathing in water to rebirth new systems.”

Read more about the narrative and filming process in Gandhi’s own words here, and give the video a watch below:

Featured photo by Sajna Sivan