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“I’ve been to D.C. with Black Mountain, but never with Lightning Dust,” says singer Amber Webber. “And…I’ve never played [Black Cat].”ld1

Vancouver-based Lightning Dust, composed of two members of the neo-psych rock band Black Mountain, Amber Webber and Joshua Wells, made their debut with a self-titled record that came out in 2007. Now, they’re touring with new material off their more uplifting sophomore record, Infinite Light, released in August of this year.

“Writing pop songs just seemed really fun,” Webber says of the cheerier, new sound. “The songs are never completely personal. I just tell a story.”

One of her favorite songs to sing live is “probably ‘Never Seen,’” she says. “I like the tone, because it’s just different. I never sang like that before.”

Webber’s breathy voice trembles in songs like ‘I Knew.’

“My voice has always been like that,” she says of her quiver.

Lightning Dust was formed in early 2000s partly because the duo wanted to explore “a more spacious sound.”

Webber explains an element of their musical process: “Josh will write a song and give it to me. I’ll lock myself in my room and write the lyrics, and then bring it back to him…We go back and forth…But we come together, talk about what we want and don’t want.”


The band is joined on stage with Webber’s sister, Ashley, on vocals and bass and Ryan Peters on drums and guitar.

“Basically, it would be pretty impossible to tour a new album and get the songs right without drums and the bass. You know?” Amber Webber says.  “It’s great having them around.”

The singer adds that she grew up in a musical family: “There was definitely always something playing in the record player. And we were always singing something, my sister and I.”

“We listened to Madonna, Cyndi Lauper,” she continues, laughing. “And my parents would play a lot of Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and that type of thing, 70s rock stuff.”


After this North American tour, which ends on October 11 in Seattle, Webber and Wells have two weeks off. Then, they are back on the road, touring in Europe for Lightning Dust.

“I think we’re just really proud of this last album, Infinite Light,” Webber says.

Want more? Lightning Dust is playing tonight, backstage at Black Cat with The Cave Singers and Birdlips. Listen here.